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Create fast experiences on the web! Free Collaborative Startup Engineering Team Task List / Checklist / Guide Template.


💯 Front-End Performance Checklist Template

Create fast experiences on the web!

Chill. We’ve got your front-end performance needs covered

Taskade knows what a big deal it is to deliver fast, responsive experiences on the web—so we created our Front-End Performance Checklist just for you! It’s 114 minutes of pure web awesomeness from your friend Vitaly Friedman, condensed down into one task list template that you can copy and paste into your workspace.

This is Taskade’s version of Vitaly Friedman’s 114-minute-long (we’re not kidding!) 2020 front-end performance checklist. In fact, it’s so long that we’ve decided to repurpose it and condense everything down to fit in one simple task list template.

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started with creating fast experiences on the web! 💪

And of course, if you’re interested in reading everything Friedman has to say about front-end performance, check out the full piece here:!

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