Year in Review

🗓 Year in Review Template

Reflect on the past and plan for the future with this year in review template.

Another year comes to an end. Take some time to reflect on what you accomplished in the last 12 months and what you can improve this year. Plan ahead, grow, and develop as a person.

What Is a Year in Review Template?

The year in review template is a handy framework for reviewing last year’s highlights and important moments. It’s also a great exercise that’ll help you reflect on the progress you made toward your goals and identify any obstacles that prevented you from doing so. 

Look Back and Look Ahead With a Year in Review

It’s time to move forward, but how exactly did you get here? Before you start the new year with a clean slate, take a look back at what you’ve accomplished so far:

  • Recall what you learned. The most valuable life lessons are those you can apply moving forward. List your wins, reflect on failures, and correct course as needed.
  • Relive the year’s highlights. Take inventory of all important moments of the past 12 months. Add videos, photos, and recordings to bring those memories into focus.
  • Find room for improvement. What went wrong? What obstacles did you encounter? What would you do differently? Analyze missteps and set out to fix them this year.

How to Use the Year in Review Template

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