COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Checklist

COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Checklist Template

Prepare for an emergency by taking the appropriate steps to keep you & your loved ones safe.

Quarantine is a scary word, but quarantine precautions are especially important when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's imperative that you stay home, far away from anyone who hasn't shown symptoms of the virus! The only way we can be sure this doesn't spread quickly is if everyone takes these preventedative measures and stays off of public transit in order to slow its progress. Make sure your house isn't an easy target for germs by following this free checklist so you know you're prepared for COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a life threatening virus and is extremely contagious. You can help slow the spread of this pandemic by staying home, since it's incredibly important to avoid contact with other people if you're asymptomatic! We've created this FREE checklist for you so that your preparation plans are in order.

Currently, there is no vaccine or cure for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which is extremely contagious. The only effective way to keep the pandemic at bay is to give the virus less chances of spreading.

Use this free checklist to make sure you're taking the appropriate precautions to help stem the spread of the virus! Simply copy it to your workspace to get started with your preparations.

And just to emphasize one last time: Stay home! It can save lives.