Daily Gratefulness Journal

🙏 Daily Gratefulness Journal Template

Use our daily grateful journal template to take time out of your day and write down everything you are grateful for every single day.

A few minutes every day--just 10--is all you need to become a more grateful person! Download this template and just fill in each line, with 10 things for which you're thankful. You can be creative, or choose easy ones like waking up on a sunny morning. Whatever YOU decide make sure it's personal - after all gratitude is meant to remind us about what we see in the world around us that helps us create our own happiness.

And now you have the skills to do something beautiful and free for yourself too, so feel good today (and everyday!) ✌️

It's important to always be grateful for what you have, so use this free journal workflow template to jot down 10 things for which you're thankful today!!

This is a great practice to develop, but it takes dedication and commitment. Take your first step today by copying this into your workspace of choice! ✍️