Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar

🎸🎤 Guide to Recording Acoustic Guitar Template

We have created a template guide to help beginners record their own acoustic guitar and vocal tracks at home.

Get the expert's guide to recording acoustic guitar and vocals from a dedicated professional with years of experience as a record producer. Learn how to achieve high-quality results for any recording setup, and discover essential gear and techniques to bring out the best in your instrumentation. Navigate step-by-step through the entire process: setting up microphones, optimum performance levels, basic production basics like equalization and editing, and much more.

Looking to record acoustic guitar and/or vocals, but not sure where to begin? Get started with this free guide today!

This template covers five sections:

  1. 🎙 Best Microphones for Recording Acoustic Guitar

  2. 💯 7 Critical Steps on How to Mic an Acoustic Guitar

  3. 🎸 How to Get a Great Acoustic Guitar Recording

  4. 🎶 How to Record Vocals & Acoustic Guitar at the Same Time

  5. 📚 References / Read More

Simply copy it into your workspace of choice to get started!