Weekly Team Review

✍️ Weekly Team Review Template

Develop a strong routine of conducting weekly team reviews with our free online template!

Team reviews are a way to update each other what each member has been working on and to get your team on the same page. It is also a channel to build workspace camaraderie by asking each other how their week was and what has been happening in their lives.

This template has the following sections to outline how a team meeting should go:

  1. ✏️ Team Review

  2. 👥 Individual Updates

  3. 😊 Positive Highlights

  4. 🚧 Roadblocks & Concerns

  5. 🆕 New Information

  6. 📔 Other Important Notes

  7. ☝️ Upcoming Priorities

  8. 🔧 Main Takeaways

  9. 🏛️ Share

  10. 💪 Take Action

Copy this template into your workspace and get each other on the same page!