Quarterly Planning Meeting

🧐 Quarterly Planning Meeting Template

Create an agenda for your quarterly planning meeting with our free online template!

Communicating through Taskade projects and writing memos for each other is great for everyday updates, but your company should have quarterly planning meetings to get everyone on the same page and track key indicators! Use our free online template to create an agenda for such a meeting.

This template contains the following areas for the agenda:

  1. 😊 Welcome

  2. 💬 Opening Session

  3. ↩️ Review previous quarter

  4. ⏱️ Stop, Keep, Start

  5. 📆 Review annual plan

  6. 💪 Quarterly Execution Plan

  7. 🔢 Priorities

  8. ✉️ Communication plan for the rest of the company

  9. 🏁 Wrap Up

We hope this guides you towards a productive quarterly meeting! Simply copy this template into your workspace to start.