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Plan out the details of your next team meeting! Free Mindmap Template.

✍️ Marketing Team Meeting Agenda Template

Plan out the details of your next team meeting.

Marketing team meetings can be a great way to get everyone on the same page and ensure that all marketing initiatives are being executed properly. However, if they’re not well-organized, they can quickly become a waste of time. In order to make sure your marketing team meetings are productive, you need to have a clear agenda, make sure everyone is prepared, and set ground rules for how discussions will be conducted. Having a marketing team meeting agenda template in place can help make sure your meetings run smoothly and achieve their intended goals.

How to run an effective meeting

The first step to running effective meetings is to only call meetings when they are absolutely necessary. Meetings should not be a daily occurrence, but instead only necessary when you have new initiatives that need to be discussed or when there is something important that needs everyone’s feedback.

Before you schedule your meeting, the next step is to determine what needs to be discussed. If you’re not sure where to start, begin by reviewing your project status. Did any deadlines change? Are there any updates on tasks or projects that were previously discussed? This information will help you come up with an agenda so everyone attending the meeting has all the necessary information.

Once you know what topics need to be covered, it’s time to invite the right people. Marketing team meetings don’t have to be large; in fact, they may run more smoothly if there are fewer people present. Invite high-level managers and anyone else who needs or wants access to the information that will be discussed.

Try to limit your meetings to one hour if possible. This way, you can keep the meeting moving and ensure that there isn’t too much time wasted on trivial issues. It’s up to you who attends though; some managers may not want to send non-managers into a marketing team meeting where they could learn about sensitive issues or topics that are only pertinent to managers.

How to prepare

Before you begin discussing any topics, make sure everyone attending the meeting has all the materials they need. This includes a copy of the agenda, your marketing plan, and anything else that might be relevant to the current topic being discussed. The more prepared everyone is going for their meeting, the better everyone’s experience will be.

Marketing meeting agenda template

Now that you know how to run an effective meeting, let’s talk about how to use a marketing team meeting agenda template. The easiest way to create your own marketing team meeting agenda is by using this one from Taskade.

It is easily customizable for you to ensure it works for you and your team.

Review important metrics

Review any changes to metrics since the last meeting. Cover the metrics that you and your team are measured on for success.

Include some learning

Marketing meetings should include a mix of status update type of content as well as educational content. For example, your team can review the latest industry research or discuss something they’ve read on social media.

At each meeting, have a couple team members present briefly about interesting projects they’ve been working on. This lets people what what their fellow team members are working on all day, and they also get to learn a little something new.

A blog content creator learning about an A/B test that was done on a PPC landing page can spark new ideas for them or ideas for experiments of their own.


Your meeting should include a review of projects each employee is working on and any upcoming milestones.

This keeps each team member accountable knowing they will have to present that work at the next upcoming meeting.

It also provides a chance to highlight any blockers that others might be able to help with.

Goals update

Each employee should also present on their progress towards their own KPI’s. This allows the team to help each other out if someone is struggling with a goal or milestone.

Recognition can go a long way

Your marketing meeting is also a great time to reward employees for their hard work and for going above and beyond.

This lets your team know that you appreciate what they do day-in and day-out. If employees feel like their efforts aren’t noticed or appreciated, it’s much harder for them to perform better in the future.

Use this time to brag about some of the things your team members or department as a whole are doing.

Ask for help

Another part of the agenda should give team members the opportunity to ask for help. This gives employees the chance to speak up if they need assistance with something.

Tips for keeping your marketing meetings productive

Every team is different, but there are several things you can do to make sure your meetings are productive and don’t waste anyone’s time.

Stay on time

Your meetings should start on time and end on time. Make sure you honor budgeted times for each presenter. If necessary, assign a dedicated time keeper to keep the meeting moving.

Meetings that always run long can kill morale among your team members.

It can be hard to cut off an interesting discussion that comes up, but you may have to. You can always table it for another meeting or if necessary schedule another time to continue that discussion with those who it impacts. You can take a look at all of our meeting templates for ideas for that meeting.

Do not allow electronic devices in your meeting

Obviously, if your meeting is remote, this is impossible to enforce, but if your meetings are in person, don’t allow people to be checking their phones or to bring a laptop.

For some companies that may be hard, but if people are on laptops, they won’t be able to avoid the temptation to check email or work on other things.

Schedule a break

For meetings that are an hour or less, this is not necessary. For longer meetings, consider a 10 or 15 minute break in the middle.

Use this time to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, or do anything else that doesn’t involve being on a computer. This is a great opportunity for people to stretch their legs and get out of their chair.

End the meeting with action items

When you get to the end of your meeting, make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

This allows each team member to go back and work on their own projects with full clarity about what is expected of them. It also gives team members an opportunity to ask any questions that come up after the meeting is over.

Get ready for your next meeting

Effective marketing meetings are an essential part of any successful marketing team. Having a marketing team meeting agenda template in place can help make sure your meetings run smoothly and achieve their intended goals. As you are working on putting together your next marketing team meeting or brainstorming about what new ideas to bring up at one, take some time to go over this article’s content so that you have all of the information needed before starting!

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