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Make sure your video game has everything it needs to be a success! Start designing your next video game. Free Collaborative Startup Team Task List / Checklist Template.

👾 Game Design Checklist Template

Make sure your video game has everything it needs to be a success!

Building a Game Design Checklist

Game design is the process of using design skills to bring your game to life. It is a part of the whole game development process where a game designer will merge gameplay concepts, game mechanics, and level design to create a game worth playing.

Our free collaborative template offers a game design checklist that assists in creating any video game, from original ideas to adaptations for sequels.

Increase your chances of success with this highly detailed list and add details you may not have considered otherwise.

From story ideas, references and diagrams, to details about player experience and best practices when designing a game – list down everything you need via this template and get a headstart with your game-building process!

Copy this interactive template into your workspace today and bring your game idea to life! 💥

Important Elements of a Game Design Checklist

This game-building checklist contains everything you need to develop your game. Start by listing down your game idea, and continue the process by following this checklist.

Design the story, references, program, diagrams, metrics, layouts/maps, and schedule; and consider what assets and equipment you’ll need.

After that, decide on what elements brings the best experience for your game’s audience. Designing a game is much like managing a complex project. This means that you’ll need to decide on your top priorities when bringing your game to life.

Start designing your next video game with this free collaborative game design checklist and ensure that your new game has everything it needs to succeed!

Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to get started! 🎮

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