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Boost your productivity as a programmer! Free Startup Software Engineering Programming Task List / Checklist Template.


🙇‍♂️ Programmer’s Productivity Checklist Template

Boost your productivity as a programmer!

Boost your productivity as a programmer with this free software engineering checklist! Familiarize yourself with best practices relating to planning and deadlines; productivity; professional development; and quality, tests, and troubleshooting.

This template contains the following sections:

  1. 📆 Planning/Deadlines
  2. 🙇‍♀️ Productivity
  3. 👩‍💼 Professional Development
  4. 👨‍🔧 Quality/Tests/Troubleshooting

Organize and filter tasks with #hashtags, and add as many emojis and/or graphics as you’d like! Feel free to customize this template as you see fit 🎨

What’s more, check out our list of best text editors for programming to help you take your productivity to the next level.

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started! 💪

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