Onboarding Checklist

🚘 Onboarding Checklist Template

Ensure your new employees hit the ground running and everything goes smoothly from their first day with this free new employee onboarding checklist template.

Your company is growing by the minute, so it's time to onboard new team members! To make sure you don't forget anything with your new employees, you should create a checklist with all necessary action steps.

We already did the work for you! This template helps you list all the necessary items you still need to take care of for remote employee onboarding.

Simply copy it into your workspace.

When a new employee starts working, it is important that they are welcomed and feel like they belong. A good way to do this is by creating an employee onboarding checklist. This checklist will ensure that the new employee knows what needs to be done before starting their first day of work and helps make sure no steps are missed.

What should be included in an employee onboarding checklist?

Equipment and supplies

Make sure the new employee has everything they need to do their job such as a computer, phone, desk, and any other necessary supplies.

Software access

What sort of software does the employee need for their job? Make sure all licensing and provisioning is set up ahead of time so they can hit the ground running on their first day.

This will include Windows, Outlook, Adobe Creative Suite, as well as team collaboration tools like Taskade.

HR paperwork

Have all appropriate tax forms, benefit information, and other HR documents ready to go so the new employee can fill them out and get necessary paperwork taken care of on their first day.

Make sure they receive any company specific documents such as an employee handbook.

And of course, get them on payroll!


Give the new employee a tour of the office and introduce them to their co-workers. If possible, assign them a buddy who can help answer any questions they have.

What about a checklist for the employee?

It's a good idea to also provide them with a checklist of things they need to accomplish in getting started with your team. Give them some helpful reminders of things that should be completed on day one, such as filling out their appropriate tax forms and providing emergency contact information, as well as things they should complete in their first few weeks with the company, such as signing up for their benefits package and enrolling in their 401k.

Ensure a smooth new employee onboarding with a simple checklist

Having a standard checklist to follow when onboarding new employees will help ensure that nothing is forgotten and that the process runs smoothly. By taking care of all the necessary details ahead of time, you can make sure that the new employee feels welcomed and prepared to start their first day on the job.

It also helps to ensure a standard process for all new employees.

Welcome your new hires with a smooth onboarding process by using an employee onboarding checklist!