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  1. 1. Why Use A Parking Lot in Scrum?
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  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot

Definition: A Parking Lot is a method used in meetings and project management to set aside off-topic, non-urgent, or extensive topics that arise, for later discussion. This approach helps in maintaining the focus and efficiency of the meeting.

Parking Lot is a simple yet effective tool in project management, particularly in Scrum, a framework for agile project management. It aids in keeping meetings focused on the agenda by temporarily setting aside topics that are not immediately relevant but still important to address later.

Why Use A Parking Lot in Scrum?

Using a Parking Lot in Scrum is beneficial for several reasons. It helps in maintaining the flow of Scrum events like Daily Standups, Sprint Planning, and Retrospectives. By parking unrelated topics, teams can stay focused on the sprint goals and the agenda at hand.

It respects the time and contributions of all team members, ensuring that important but non-urgent issues are addressed at a more appropriate time. This method promotes efficiency and effectiveness in meetings, a key aspect of Scrum’s value of maximizing the amount of work not done, as per the Agile Manifesto.

In Scrum, the Parking Lot technique is particularly useful during Sprint Planning and Retrospectives.

During Sprint Planning, it helps in keeping the discussion aligned with sprint goals, avoiding the derailment of planning due to unrelated topics. In Retrospectives, it provides a space to note down issues and ideas that may not be directly related to the most recent sprint but are important for the team’s continuous improvement.

  • Scrum Master: The facilitator for Scrum teams, often responsible for managing the parking lot and ensuring meetings stay focused.
  • Sprint Planning: The meeting at the beginning of a sprint where work is selected and planned; a common place where the parking lot may be used.
  • Daily Scrum: A daily meeting for the development team to synchronize activities, where off-topic discussions might be parked for later.
  • Sprint Review and Retrospective: Meetings at the end of the sprint where the parking lot can capture ideas for future improvement without derailing the current agenda.

Create Your Parking Lot in Taskade

Taskade is a collaborative tool that can be used to create and manage a Parking Lot for your Scrum meetings. To create a Parking Lot in Taskade:

  1. Set Up a Dedicated Space: Start by creating a new project or space in Taskade specifically for the Parking Lot.
  2. Define Categories: Organize your Parking Lot with categories or columns such as ‘To Discuss’, ‘Ideas’, ‘Questions’, and ‘Feedback’.
  3. Add Items: During meetings, quickly add topics that arise and are not part of the current agenda to the Parking Lot.
  4. Prioritize and Schedule: After the meeting, review the Parking Lot items. Prioritize them and schedule them for discussion in future meetings or for individual follow-up.
  5. Collaborate and Update: Allow team members to add, view, and update items in the Parking Lot, fostering collaboration and keeping everyone on the same page.

Using Taskade for your Parking Lot facilitates a visual and interactive approach. It enhances team collaboration and ensures that important topics are not overlooked while keeping meetings productive and on track.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot

What is the Purpose of a Parking Lot in Scrum Meetings?

The main purpose of a Parking Lot in Scrum meetings is to capture and set aside off-topic or non-urgent items that arise during discussions. This ensures that the meeting stays focused on its specific agenda, while still acknowledging important issues that can be revisited later.

How Does a Parking Lot Contribute to the Efficiency of Scrum Meetings?

A Parking Lot contributes to the efficiency of Scrum meetings by preventing the derailment of discussions due to unrelated or non-urgent topics. It helps in maintaining a clear focus on the sprint goals and the specific agenda of the meeting, leading to more productive and time-efficient gatherings.

Can the Parking Lot Technique Be Used in Other Meeting Formats Besides Scrum?

Yes, the Parking Lot technique is versatile and can be effectively used in various meeting formats beyond Scrum. It is a general tool for managing discussions and can be adapted to suit the needs of different meeting types and management styles.

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