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Organize & Manage Tasks & To-Do Lists

Taskade is the ultimate to-do task management software with unlimited flexibility, designed to help individuals and remote teams work together in one unified workspace.

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Realtime Collaboration Workspace

Share Tasks Online

Share your to-do lists, mind maps, and online projects for free with your teammates, and collaborate together in real-time, across any device. On your team workspace, communicate using our free and unlimited chat and video conferencing on every single project.

Task Management App
To-do List App

Manage Team Tasks

Plan, organize, and prioritize your weekly, and daily task in the team roadmap. Automate your workflow and get work done using Taskade.

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Taskade Calendar Tool

Plan Tasks & Calendar

Track your tasks and progress across every project in one unified calendar. Toggle the calendar view for each projects. Taskade helps you plan out and track multiple projects.

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Taskade is the ultimate online to-do list for getting work done. Supercharge your productivity with smart to do lists, outliner notes, and mind maps, in one unified workspace. Taskade is simple, beautiful, and fun. Download for free on Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iPhone, Android and more or try the web app instantly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Taskade to create mind maps?

You can use Taskade to start your mind-mapping journey. Toggle between multiple board views to visualize your information in your preferred view. Taskade is one of the best mind mapping tools for Windows and Mac.

How can I better organize my life and work with Taskade?

Taskade is the all-in-one to-do list app to manage tasks, organize notes, and collaborate with your team. With Taskade, you can quickly capture your tasks, organize them, and check off tasks and goals in one unified workspace.

You can create simple to-do lists for yourself, or share them with others. Each to-do list is a living document that you can organize, assign tasks, and visualize across multiple views (Kanban Board, Mind Map, etc). You can work alone, collaborate in real-time, and even chat or video conference all on the same page.

Supercharge your productivity with the ultimate platform for getting things done.

Are Taskade’s to-do lists printable?

Yes, you can easily print and export Taskade to-do lists and projects. Create simple and printable to-do lists, mind maps, kanban boards, collaborative notes, and more.

Can I make my calendar shared and collaborative?

Absolutely! Taskade is free to use with unlimited sharing and collaboration. Share your project calendars and workspaces along with all to-do lists and tasks with your teammates. Collaborate, add new tasks, set reminders, and create notes and checklists for your colleagues and others. Get your to-do list and project calendar shared anytime and anywhere.

Can I use Taskade as just a to-do list app?

Yes! A big benefit of Taskade is that you can use it both as a simple personal to-do list and a collaborative project management platform with your team. Easily share and invite guest viewers, guest editors, and team members to each to-do list and project for free. Taskade is the ultimate to-do list app for you.

Where can I read productivity articles?

Taskade has extensive resources via our blog posts to help you supercharge your productivity. We cover everything related to productivity such as beginner guides to mind mapping, the best to-do list apps in the market, all the way to the Zettelkasten method for remote teams!

Are my to-do lists and task lists cross-platform in Taskade?

Yes! Taskade is fully cross-platform. Supercharge your productivity with real-time syncing between web, mobile, and desktop clients. Easily manage your tasks and teams, and bring Taskade with you anywhere you go.

Is there subtask and checklist functionality in Taskade?

Absolutely, you can create subtasks with unlimited levels of hierarchies. Organize your checklists like an outliner with indentations and the ability to fold and unfold lists.

Can I share a direct read-only link to my online calendar planner and weekly to-do list?

💯 Yes, you can quickly share your to-do list and project calendar anywhere on the internet, including email, chat apps, social media, and websites, by providing a direct link to it. Your to-do list will then become available online in a read-only mode if you share the project view link. You would still be able to make any changes and shut down the shared access by regenerating the link. You can also share edit access and more with advanced permissions.

Can I implement specific productivity methods like Pomodoro, Getting Things Done (GTD), Kanban, or Build a Second Brain in Taskade?

Absolutely! Taskade is super flexible and supports multiple productivity methods including GTD, BASB, SCRUM, Pomodoro, Flowtime, and more! Build your own productivity system in Taskade.

Taskade is the ultimate productivity and to-do list application. Try Taskade for free today!

Does Taskade have Templates?

Taskade offers more than 500+ customizable templates to fit every occasion. Choose from a wide range of template categories including To-Do List, Task Management, Mind Map, Project Management, and more!

Taskade's templates are fully customizable so that you can use them the way you want to.

Can I use Taskade for task management on a project?

Yes, Taskade offers the ultimate way to manage your tasks. It's simple, beautiful, and fun to use. Manage tasks with Taskade's free task management templates to experience the ultimate to-do list app.

There is a universal My Tasks and Calendar to help you keep track of your tasks across all projects and workspaces. Reminders and notifications are customizable for Web, Mobile, and Desktop apps. You can add due dates to individual tasks, and best of all you can automate your due dates with repeating tasks.

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