🌈 Generate Workflows with Sources, Custom Agents, Mobile AI Commands

December 5, 2023 6 Min Read

Hi, Taskaders 🐑

We’re thrilled to introduce new game-changing updates you’ve been waiting for! 🚀

🌈 Contextual AI Workflow Generator

Introducing the new AI Workflow Generator, now with GPT-4 Turbo across the entire app! Craft each project, process, and mind map with precision, ensuring perfect alignment with your needs and objectives. Learn more.

  • Multi-source knowledge: Attach multiple documents from .PDF and .CSV to .TXT to enrich your workflows with a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Voice and style: Choose from a wide array of personas and tones to create workflows that truly reflect your team’s unique voice and style.
  • Advanced context analysis: Taskade AI will analyze and integrate insights from all sources, ensuring each new workflow is contextually rich.
ai source comparison

🚀 Designed for Every Role & Need

Whether you’re a marketer crafting strategies or a developer planning new projects, the new AI Workflow Generator has you covered.

  • For Marketers: Craft a marketing strategy with the “Marketing Expert” persona and a ‘Creative’ tone
  • For Developers: Plan a software project with the “Software Developer” persona and a “Confident” tone
  • For Entrepreneurs: Create a business plan with the “Life Hacker” persona and an “Inspiring” tone
  • And much more: Mix and match different personas, tones, and templates to create limitless variations, uniquely suited to any task or role.

🌟 New Dynamic Workflow Generator Categories

  1. Workflows: Effortlessly create task lists, automate processes, or map out weekly plans. Perfect for streamlining your operational flow.
  2. Mind Maps: Brainstorm ideas, design content outlines, or develop decision trees. Ideal for visualizing concepts and strategies.
  3. Projects: Plan detailed projects, create sprints, or develop timelines. Tailor-made for project managers and team leaders.
  4. Content: From crafting compelling stories to generating SEO outlines, this category is a goldmine for content creators and marketers.
  5. Notes: Draft structured notes, prepare meeting agendas, or establish a knowledge base. Essential for documentation and organization.

Create and deploy your personal, fully customizable AI team of the future, complete with workflows tailored to every need!

🤖 New Custom Agents & Templates

We’ve added 35+ new Custom Agent templates, each designed for a variety of use cases. With unique commands and agent personalities, these templates provide a tailored experience and offer the perfect starting point. Learn more.

If you need something more specific, no worries — edit or create your own Custom AI Agent. You can define unique personas, set the tone, upload knowledge, and even enable tools like web browsing to add more context to your workflows.

ai agent script writer

✨ Mobile AI / Commands and Agents 

Your custom AI Agent commands are now available in Taskade mobile and tablet apps. Type “/” + your agent command or use the 🤖 Taskade AI button.

Whether you’re working on a single task or editing multiple items and blocks, you can use any AI commands to streamline your workflow. Learn more.

ai mobile commands

🎉 Other Improvements:

  • New: Taskade Automation is now in Alpha. Contact us for early access
  • New: Added 35+ Custom Agent templates as starting point for AI Agents
  • New: Manage and organize multiple knowledge sources for Custom Agents 
  • New: AI Doc Summarization supports full summaries to grasp key information
  • New: AI Media Q&A now keeps track of history for context and continuity
  • New AI Prompt Templates for more creative and diverse interactions and roles
  • New: Deployed GPT-4 Turbo across Taskade AI with enhanced performance
  • Improved Mobile AI Project Studio with enhanced templates and experience
  • Improved the Copy project and tasks feature by removing limitations
  • Improved Taskade AI and agent interfaces for a smoother user journey
  • Improved the media Q&A interface for more effective communication
  • Optimized our backend processes for better performance and reliability
  • Fixed crashes and improved the stability of Taskade AI & GPT-4 Turbo
  • And many more user experience improvements and optimizations!

🤖 Taskade AI is designed to transform your productivity. It’s all about bringing a more intuitive, dynamic, and personalized touch to your creative process.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates ahead! Got questions? Visit our Help Center or just reach out. 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑

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