New Multi-Site Reader, Dynamic Web Knowledge, AI Tables, & More!

June 24, 2024 8 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! 

We’re thrilled to introduce some powerful new updates that will transform how you work with AI Agents at Taskade.

🔎 Multi-Site Reader Tool for AI Agents

multi site reader

Introducing the new Site Reader tool, now with multi-site support.

Provide up to 5 links in any task or message, and your AI agent will fetch and summarize the pages for you. Automatically load multiple websites instantly! Learn more…

⚙️ How it works: Go to Workspace ➡ Agents tab ➡ Edit agent ➡ Tools tab

Prompt Examples in AI Agents Chat:

Summarize the key points from: [first link] and [second link]

Extract the key statistics from: [first link] and [second link]

Outline the differences between: [first link], [second link], and [third link]

🌐 Dynamic Web Knowledge for AI Agents

dynamic web knowledge

Add multiple web links and projects to enrich your AI Agents’ knowledge.

Your external web sources and projects are now in sync with your AI agents, ensuring the most relevant and detailed responses. Enjoy enhanced responses with dynamic knowledge sources. Learn more…

⚙️ How it works: Go to Workspace ➡ Agents tab ➡ Edit agent ➡ Knowledge tab

📐 Table Support in AI Agents

tables support

Introducing table format support for AI Agents!

Ask questions and receive instant, easy-to-read answers in table format.

This update also supports better message formatting, including lists, numbering, bold text, and improved code-block support. Learn more…

⚙️ How it works: Go to Agent Chat ➡ Ask anything and include Tables

Prompt Examples in AI Agents Chat:

Give me a table comparing [first link] and [second link]

Create an action table organizing my agent's knowledge

➕ Quick Add in AI Agents

agent chat quick add

With Quick Add, you can now insert responses from AI Agents into any of your projects across different workspaces. This ensures any valuable insights are always saved where you need them. Learn more…

⚙️ How it works: Go to Agent Chat ➡ Ask Anything ➡ Click on Quick Add

🤖🤖 Multi-Agent Handoff & Collaboration

multi agent handoff

Your AI Agents are now smarter at teamwork!

Agents can hand off tasks to each other with a human touch, boosting our move towards seamless multi-agent collaboration and smarter task management via plan & execute. Learn more…

⚡️ TL;DR Video Summary of Update

Need a quick catch-up? Check out this video overview of all the exciting new features.

✨ Other Improvements

  • New: Smarter Tools for AI AgentsExpanded Web Search and Site Reader.
  • AI Agent Enhancements:
    • New Agent Tools: Introducing the Site Reader webpage tool with expanded web browsing capabilities across the entire Taskade platform, enhancing agents’ interaction with external web content.
    • Agent Knowledge Management: Added the Train All button for agents, enabling more efficient management of knowledge bases across your teams.
    • Agent Chat:
      • Added support to parse rich-text when pasting into agents.
      • Added shortcuts to Quick Add & Agent Knowledge. 
    • Multi-Agent Conversations: Launched an initial closed alpha version of multi-agent collaboration, paving the way for more complex and dynamic AI interactions.
    • Agent Interface: Refined the responsiveness of agent creation dialogs. Use updated tool display strings and icons and enhanced visual elements like the markdown view.
  • AI Automation Enhancements:
    • Automation Improvements: Enhanced the usability of our automation features, including improved contrast in light mode, refined input box constraints, and updated styling for removing connections, ensuring a smoother workflow within our platform. 
    • Enhanced Capabilities: Improved the overall system responsiveness to user commands in Automation and Agent Tools.
    • For new connections and integrations, please let us know here.
  • Improved project creation workflows and fixed stability issues.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

We can’t wait for you to try the new update — dive in and let us know what you think!

Remember, our Help Center and Feedback Forum are always here for your questions and suggestions.

Cheers to a transformative and AI-powered year at Taskade! 🚀

— Team Taskade 🐑

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