⏰ Schedule Automations, Collaborate with AI Agents, Select AI Language, and More!

February 12, 2024 6 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🚀,

We’re thrilled to introduce new ways to supercharge your productivity. From scheduling your automations to deploying enhanced AI Agents, here’s the latest!

🤖 Schedule AI Automations

Automation Scheduler.

Take control of your workflow with our new automation scheduler. With advanced scheduling options, including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly triggers, you can set up tasks and workflows to run at specific times and intervals.

Automate workflows seamlessly with your AI Agents (virtual workforce), connect your favorite tools, and make your projects more efficient than ever. Learn more.

🤖 Collaborate with AI Agents

Custom AI Agents in the Project Chat.

Interact with Custom AI Agents within your projects to ensure your discussions are always relevant and up-to-date. This update introduces a range of new agent templates and personas designed to enhance your productivity:

  • ⭐️ New AI Agents: Explore new, enhanced agents like Project Architect, AI Council, Negotiator, and more, tailored for specific project requirements.
  • ⭐️ New AI Personas: Engage with personas such as Entrepreneur, E-commerce Strategist, SEO Expert, and more, for tailored insights in your field.

Embrace the power of AI to streamline your projects and workflows. Learn more.

🤖 Set Language for AI Agents

Custom AI Agent language selector.

Communicate with Custom AI agents in your preferred language with multilingual support, making Taskade the most inclusive platform for global teams. Learn more.

⚡️ Manage AI Conversations

AI Chat Clear feature.

Conversations with AI agents are more seamless than ever. You can now view the history of your conversations, and clear AI Agent chat history as needed. Learn more.

Other Improvements:

  • New Custom AI Agents:
    • Project Architect: For project planning.
    • AI Council: Strategic AI advice.
    • Negotiator: Tactics for negotiation scenarios.
    • VC Associate: Insights on startup funding.
    • Books: Book recommendations and summaries.
    • Startup Mentor: Startup guidance and support.
    • Small Business: Operations and growth advice.
    • Web Development: Web project solutions.
    • Prompt Engineer: Refining AI prompts.
    • Article Writer: Assistance in content creation.
  • New AI Chat Personas:
    • Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial strategy and motivation.
    • E-commerce Strategist: E-commerce marketing strategies.
    • SEO Expert: Search engine optimization advice.
    • Programming Genius: Coding and programming tips.
    • Content Creator: Content creation strategies.
    • Social Media Influencer: Building a social media presence.
    • Investor: Investment strategies and advice.
    • PR Specialist: Public relations strategies.
    • Business Mentor: Business growth and strategy.
    • Negotiator: Negotiation skills and strategies.
  • Automation Enhancements:
    • Schedule triggers and searchable dropdowns for task automation.
    • UI improvements for recurring task scheduling.
  • Language and Internationalization: Now, setting your preferred language is easier than ever, including full support for Hungarian! We’ve also polished all our translation texts to ensure clarity and accessibility for everyone.
  • We’ve made several of user-friendly tweaks to our UI/UX, making language selection a breeze. It’s all about making your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
  • Continuous Integration and Development: We’ve supercharged our CI workflows behind the scenes, leading to slicker, faster development cycles. This means faster and more seamless updates for you.
  • Communication is key, so we’ve upgraded our email system to include smarter notification settings. Staying in touch and managing your Taskade notifications just got a whole lot easier.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Upgrades: We’ve been busy squashing bugs and boosting performance across the board. Your Taskade experience should now be smoother, faster, and more reliable than ever.

Remember, our Help Center and Feedback Forum are always here for your questions and suggestions. Cheers to a transformative and AI-powered year at Taskade! 🚀

— Team Taskade 🐑

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