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Taskade’s New Email Automation Features — Streamline Your Inbox With AI Agents

March 12, 2024 19 Min Read

Email has its charm — it’s fast and efficient. But let’s face it, our inboxes are a mess; there is too much junk and emails we don’t care about. Now, picture this: an inbox that can manage itself — say hello to the new era of email automation. We asked ourselves a simple question: “Why not make email work for us, not against us?” That’s why we’ve built an email…

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Effective Project Management Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

March 9, 2024 16 Min Read

In most industries, a project slip-up might hurt timelines or stretch budgets. But when human life is at stake, the gap between “important” and “critical” narrows down to a fine line. Let’s talk about project management in healthcare. 💡 Getting started? Read project management basics first. 💊 Understanding Healthcare Project Management Effective project management involves understanding unique industry challenges, mastering essential skills, and applying tailored strategies. So, what is a…

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Enhancing Team Collaboration and Productivity with Taskade AI

March 3, 2024 18 Min Read

It’s been a while since we discussed team collaboration on the blog. But now that we’ve introduced more cool AI-powered features into Taskade (we’ll get to that in a bit), it’s the perfect time to revisit the topic. So, grab your coffee, and let’s get started. ☕️ New to the topic? Start with the basics of project management. Here’s the thing — even in the world of AI, effective team…

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🤖 Gmail Automation, AI Workspace Chat, Screen Capture, New Widgets!

March 2, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! Have you ever wished for a smarter way to manage your emails and tasks? Experience the magic of Taskade AI and let’s dive into what’s new! Automate Gmail with AI Introducing Gmail Automation! Send and receive emails with Taskade AI and agents. Here’s how you can automate your email workflows: Pair Gmail with other AI Automation tools, triggers, and actions to tailor your workflow precisely to your needs. Learn more… Chat…

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How to Write a Project Plan – The 7 Core Components

February 25, 2024 22 Min Read

Staring at your project, wondering where to start? Whether you’re a project management ninja or just learning the ropes, the first steps can be intimidating. Let’s learn how to write a project plan to make things a tad easier. In this guide, we outline the core steps for writing bulletproof project plans. You’ll learn how to define objectives, manage resources, and much more. Let’s get started. 👇 📐 Understanding Project…

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What Is Scope Creep and How Can It Be Managed?

February 17, 2024 23 Min Read

Some projects have a mind of their own. One minute, everything is on track; the next, you’re over budget and behind schedule. Scope creep is behind all of it. Take the Sydney Opera House, for example. What was supposed to be a straightforward, affordable project ended up taking 14 years and costing a small fortune. Then there’s the Boston Big Dig, a.k.a. the Central Artery Project, which grew from a…

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⏰ Schedule Automations, Collaborate with AI Agents, Select AI Language, and More!

February 12, 2024 6 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🚀, We’re thrilled to introduce new ways to supercharge your productivity. From scheduling your automations to deploying enhanced AI Agents, here’s the latest! 🤖 Schedule AI Automations Take control of your workflow with our new automation scheduler. With advanced scheduling options, including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly triggers, you can set up tasks and workflows to run at specific times and intervals. Automate workflows seamlessly with your AI Agents (virtual workforce), connect…

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10 Top AI Tools for Agile Development

February 10, 2024 18 Min Read

Managing Agile projects makes you wish for a time machine to rethink your life decisions? We get it. Scope creep, overcommitment, communication gaps — it’s hard to manage it all without a reliable, digital toolbox. The good news is we have created one for you, filled with the top AI tools for Agile development. In today’s article, we’re unpacking a lineup AI platforms that will make a real difference in…

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Creating Customer Service SOPs: A Guide for Streamlining Your Support

February 2, 2024 19 Min Read

Why did the customer service agent cross the road? Well, of course, to deliver exceptional service. Ok, enough with the roadside humor. Let’s face it: customer service is hard. It’s a dance of patience, empathy, and in-depth knowledge of processes. This guide will help you write and implement customer service SOPs to ace all three. ✅ Understanding SOPs Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been a cornerstone in various industries for…

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🤖 Introducing Taskade AI Automation & Agents

January 29, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🚀, Exciting news – Taskade AI Automation is officially live! 🎉 Get ready to 10x your productivity and be among the first to harness the power of AI agents and automations in your workflows. 🤖 Welcome to Taskade AI Automation Revolutionize your workflows with Custom AI Agents, your virtual team members. Build and train AI agents to answer questions, generate content, streamline processes, and more, integrating seamlessly into any workflows. Learn more. 🤖 Automate with…

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Mastering AI Prompting: A Guide for Writing Effective Prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs)

January 29, 2024 35 Min Read

Interacting with AI models like GPT-4 or Llama 2 is easy. You type a prompt — a set of instructions for the AI — and wait for the magic to happen. 🪄 Except, sometimes the results are not quite what you expected. But don’t worry, because this guide will help you up your AI prompting game. Here’s the thing — in the world of artificial intelligence, your words are your…

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11 Best AI Tools Every HR Professional Needs for Effective Employee Management

January 19, 2024 21 Min Read

Remember the HR department of the 2000s? Stacks of resumes, manual timesheets, and the endless hunt for the right candidate. Well, those days are gone — according to the consulting firm McKinsey, over 50% of HR tasks can be easily offloaded to AI. The good news is you can start upgrading your HR processes today with the the best AI tools for HR professionals. 🚀 🤖 How AI Is Changing the…

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