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2023 in Review: The Rise of AI Productivity and Taskade’s Leap Into AI Agents and Automations

January 1, 2024 17 Min Read

Did you know 2023 was dubbed the ‘Year of Generative AI?’ Well, it wasn’t, but if there had been a self-appointed committee to choose the most groundbreaking innovation in productivity and collaboration, generative AI would have stolen the spotlight. At Taskade, we’ve been busy as well, building and launching the powerful Taskade AI to help you, your team, and millions of Taskaders around the world 10x your productivity. So, let’s…

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🤖 New Web & YouTube AI Sources, Agent Sharing, AI Block Creation, Quick Add Shortcut, and More!

December 18, 2023 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🎉 As we wrap up 2023, we’re excited to share our final update of the year, a special thanks to you for being part of this journey towards AI-powered productivity. Brace yourself for an exciting 2024 with Taskade Automation, enhanced Custom AI Agents, and Autonomous Task Agents, all set to redefine your workflows. 🌐 Add Web Links to AI Introducing our first external knowledge source. Now, you can generate…

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11 Best AI Productivity Tools for Teams in 2024

December 16, 2023 19 Min Read

Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a way to do it better with AI — find it.” Okay, he didn’t actually mention AI, but if he could see us now, he probably would. Let’s skip the usual fanfare about progress and dive right into practicality. AI is transforming how teams work and collaborate, so we did the heavy lifting to find the best AI productivity tools for teams you should check…

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7 Best AI Apps for Journaling (Updated 2024)

December 16, 2023 15 Min Read

Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius championed the practice of journaling, leaving a lasting impact on future generations. Fast forward a little over 1,800 years, and Stoicism is entering an unlikely union with the best AI apps for journaling. 🤖🪶 In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular AI journaling tools in the wild. We compare features, user experience, and impact on the quality…

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10 Top AI Social Media Management Tools for Marketers in 2024

December 16, 2023 18 Min Read

Do you feel like you’re playing a perpetual game of catch-up with your competitors? If so, you’re not alone. With 2024 around the corner, it’s time to dust off your digital toolbox and take the lead with these top AI social management tools for marketers. 🔎 In this article we explore top AI social management tools for 2024, each offering unique features and benefits. We delve into how they leverage…

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10 Best AI Task Management Tools for Small Businesses in 2024

December 8, 2023 19 Min Read

2024 is just around the corner, and for small businesses, it’s time to gear up. We’ve picked the best AI task management tools for small businesses that will help you take your business to new heights. From generating lists and prioritizing tasks to analyzing and optimizing performance, these tools with supercharge your workflow in the coming year. ⚡️ Master AI Task Management in a Small Business Imagine a small business,…

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9 Top AI Brainstorming Tools for Virtual Teams in 2024

December 8, 2023 15 Min Read

The boundaries of creativity and collaboration are being redrawn, thanks to artificial intelligence. You no longer need to imagine brainstorming sessions where ideas flow seamlessly, not just from human minds but from the depths of AI-driven technology. These top AI brainstorming tools for virtual teams will help you do all that and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 👇 🤖 Virtual Brainstorming in the Era of AI Remote…

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8 Top AI Note-Taking Apps in 2024: Research, Outline, and Think Faster

December 8, 2023 18 Min Read

Nature has its rhythm, and so does our thinking. But in today’s world, where information overload is a constant challenge, capturing and organizing thoughts effectively can be challenging. In today’s article, we review the best AI note-taking apps designed to tackle this problem. We’ll explore how these tools help manage the torrent of information and ideas you encounter every day. But before we get to that, let’s start with some…

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🌈 Generate Workflows with Sources, Custom Agents, Mobile AI Commands

December 5, 2023 6 Min Read

Hi, Taskaders 🐑 We’re thrilled to introduce new game-changing updates you’ve been waiting for! 🚀 🌈 Contextual AI Workflow Generator Introducing the new AI Workflow Generator, now with GPT-4 Turbo across the entire app! Craft each project, process, and mind map with precision, ensuring perfect alignment with your needs and objectives. Learn more. 🚀 Designed for Every Role & Need Whether you’re a marketer crafting strategies or a developer planning new projects, the new AI Workflow Generator has…

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14 Best AI Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams (Updated 2024)

December 4, 2023 32 Min Read

Ever wondered how remote teams manage to stay on the same page, thousands of miles and several time zones apart? Team culture, positive leadership, and clear communication are key ingredients. But they are not enough. In a world where remote work is no longer just an option, the best AI collaboration tools have become the secret sauce of successful, seamless collaboration. 👨‍💻 In this article, we dive into the crème…

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What Is Process Mapping? A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Your Workflows in 2024

November 28, 2023 16 Min Read

There are two types of companies — those that have mastered process mapping, and those about to learn. Process mapping isn’t just a business buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of business operations. It’s about understanding how a company works at a fundamental level and finding ways to do things better. In this article, we’re diving deep into what process mapping is, why it matters, and how you can use it to…

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The 13 Best Time Blocking Apps in 2024: Optimize Your Day

November 28, 2023 28 Min Read

Ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? You’re not alone. That’s exactly where the best time blocking apps step in, transforming chaos into order with a few taps. They’re the secret weapon for turning overwhelming to-do lists into something you can actually tackle. In this article, we dig into the top time blocking tools out there. These apps are more than digital task lists; they’re your…

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