Gmail Automation, AI Workspace Chat, Screen Capture, New Widgets!

March 2, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!

Have you ever wished for a smarter way to manage your emails and tasks? Experience the magic of Taskade AI and let’s dive into what’s new!

Automate Gmail with AI

Gmail automation workflow.

Introducing Gmail Automation! Send and receive emails with Taskade AI and agents. Here’s how you can automate your email workflows:

  • AI-Driven Responses: Taskade AI Agents draft replies to your emails.
  • Email Scheduling: Automate sending emails directly from Taskade.
  • Task Creation: Transform emails into tasks using AI Agents.

Pair Gmail with other AI Automation tools, triggers, and actions to tailor your workflow precisely to your needs. Learn more…

Chat With AI in Workspace

AI Chat within a Taskade workspace.

You can directly interact with Taskade AI on your dashboards for on-the-spot brainstorming, planning, and decision-making assistance.

Harness the power of GPT-4 to spark new ideas, gather research, or draft content in your unique voice right in your workspaces. Learn more…

Screen Capture and Upload

Screen recording with the Screencast feature.

Capture and share your moments with Screencast. Record your screen, and attach the files to tasks, comments, and team chats.

This seamless integration supports visual communication and ensures that your team stays on the same page, no matter where they are. Learn more…

New Widgets for Mobile & Mac

Taskade desktop widgets in MacOS.

We’re introducing widgets to macOS for a seamless experience across your Apple devices. Explore the redesigned widgets for both mobile and Mac.

Experiment with the new Quick AddMy TasksRecent, and Starred Projects widgets, and more, perfectly matching your device’s theme. Learn more…

Other Improvements

  • Exciting news: Our Gantt Chart View has just hit Alpha stage! Want a sneak peek? Reply to our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Reddit with “AI Gantt,” or get in touch with us directly for an exclusive beta access!
  • Automation Enhancements:
    • Schedule automations with greater customization and control.
    • New project creation with templates for streamlined workflows.
    • Move Task action to organize your tasks with ease.
    • Retry failed automation runs for improved task management.
    • New “Task Assigned” trigger in automation for task notifications.
  • AI Agents Enhancements:
    • Improved Language Settings for AI Agents: This fix enhances the usability of multilingual support, making your interactions with AI agents more seamless and inclusive for global teams.
    • Abort chat option in agent chat for more control over interactions.
    • Clear agent chat history for privacy and organization.
  • General:
    • Taskade has successfully earned Google Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) certification, demonstrating our commitment to security through extensive testing and audits.
    • Improved task drag-and-drop for easier rescheduling.
    • Enhanced date picker accuracy for start and end dates.
    • Increased performance for smoother scrolling and zooming.
    • Fixed rendering for more accurate milestones and visualization.
    • Updated task details panel for better usability and display.
    • New Screencast upload option to enhance collaboration.
    • New Danish language support for a more localized experience.
    • New Media deletion feature in spaces.
    • AI Project Studio input box now supports longer AI prompts.
    • Resolved typing issues with Asian characters in chat.
    • Made embedded agents responsive for better user interaction.
    • Managed notes and timestamp add-ons effectively in the editor.
    • Enhanced public project settings and configurations.
    • Improved functionality and stability across the Taskade platform.
    • Optimized performance and user interface.
    • Fixed various bugs to ensure your Taskade experience is now smoother, faster, and more reliable than ever.

Our Help Center and Feedback Forum are always open for questions and suggestions. Cheers to a transformative and AI-powered year at Taskade! 🚀

— Team Taskade 🐑

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