🤖 Introducing Custom AI Agents (GPTs) in Taskade

November 13, 2023 5 Min Read

Hi, Taskaders 🐑

We’re thrilled to introduce our most significant AI update yet: Custom, autonomous AI Agents (GPTs) on Taskade, supercharged with the latest GPT-4 Turbo language model! 🚀

🤖 Custom AI Agents

You can now create AI agents with custom /agent commands, tools, and knowledge. Chat with your custom agents or interact with them using commands in the project editor. You can also share the agents and prompts in your workspaces & folders to bring your team closer to smarter automation.

Start crafting your AI agent today and get work done faster and smarter! Learn more

ai agent create agent
ai agent create agent

🤖 Set Up Your Agents

  1. Start: Head to the Agents tab in any workspace or folder.
  2. Personalize: Name your agent and set specific prompt instructions.
  3. Customize: Upload your knowledge, choose skills, set tone, and define personas.
  4. Power up: Enable web browsing and background tasks for more in-depth research.

Ready to create your first custom AI agent? Learn more

Training custom GPT Agents in Taskade.

🤖 Create Custom Commands

  • ⌨️ Set up custom Commands & Prompts: Create unique, custom /agent commands to equip your agents with specialized prompts and skills. Easily access and share these commands when chatting with agents or using /commands directly in the project editor. Learn more
  • 📖 Train your agents with knowledge: Upload PDF, DOC, or CSV documents to train your agents. Integrate agent knowledge with your own resources for more tailored, context-rich answers in the Agent Chat or with custom commands in the editor. Learn more
Custom GPT Agent commands.

🤖 Deploy Autonomous Multi-Agents

  • 🔄 Enable Background Tasks: Turn custom /agent commands into autonomous, long-running agents. This will transform your agents from basic task executors into advanced assistants.
  • (coming soon) 👥 Experience Multi-agent systems: Create and deploy multiple AI agents concurrently to work on multiple tasks in the same project. Stay tuned for upcoming Skills and Tools tailored for these extended-duration agents in Taskade automation. Learn more
AI agent background task.

Other Improvements:

  • New: Taskade Automation is available in Alpha. Want early access to enable advanced automation with flow charts and workflow management? Contact us.
  • New AI Generator: Explore new personas, tones, and workflow categories
  • New AI Chat with Docs: Larger files and more contextual interactions
  • New ChatGPT PluginTaskade’s ChatGPT Plugin is live in beta! (Beta)
  • New Multi-Agent Functionalities: Multiple AI Agents can now run commands in the background, retrieve and upload knowledge directly (Early Access)
  • Improved AI Models and Backend Processes: Enhanced for better performance and efficiency, now powered by GPT-4 Turbo
  • Improved AI Project Creation: Expanded options to select output types
  • Improved UI/UX and accessibility across various elements
  • Improved reliability in task tracking and completion
  • Enhanced security measures and protocols for protection
  • Strengthened platform stability for a more reliable experience
  • General enhancements for a smoother user experience
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Custom AI Agents offer limitless possibilities, and we’re only beginning to explore their potential. Stay tuned for upcoming progress in long-running autonomous AI Agents and workflow automation. 🚀

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Got questions? Our Help Center is here to assist, or just reach out to us. 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑

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