🌈 AI Workflow Generator (GPT-4), /Subtask Command, Multi-Line Notes, and More!

May 14, 2023 4 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! 

Welcome to a new era of productivity. We’re thrilled to unveil our latest AI-powered features—designed to empower you and redefine your work experience. With Taskade, the future of productivity is in your hands. So, step into the future with us.

🪄 AI Workflow Generator Is Live!

Taskade AI’s Workflow Generator, powered by GPT-4, is here! Instantly generate thousands of case-specific workflows, from team agendas to design sprints. The only limit is your imagination. Transform the way you craft and launch new projects, forever. Learn more.

Taskade Workflow Generator user interface.

New AI Command: /Subtask

Use /subtask AI command to transform your big ideas into actionable task lists, or break down large tasks into more manageable pieces. This is our new approach to task management, turning ideas into action, one task at a time. Learn more.

Taskade AI /subtask command.
Taskade AI /subtask command in the Mind Map view.

✏️ Multi-Line Notes Add-On

Press ⇧ Shift + ↵ Enter to toggle the new Notes Add-on, now with multi-line support! Whether you are pasting long paragraphs, inserting code snippets, or adding descriptions to tasks, this feature will add depth to every task. Learn more.

Adding multiple lines in the project editor.

⚡️ Other Improvements:

  • Added shortcuts for creating projects to workspace dashboard
  • Added AI Generator option to ➕ New project button
  • Added multi-line support for Notes Add-on
  • Added markdown support for AI Chat
  • Improved the performance of the Mind Map and Org Chart views
  • Improved ⌨️ CTRL + K and F (⌘ + K and F) keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved consistency in font sizes and spacing for space filter
  • Various styling improvements for better UI consistency
  • Fixed filter input when #hashtag or @mention is selected
  • Backspace no longer deletes tasks if attachments are present
  • Print view now supports proper bullet points and formatting
  • Fixed timezone issues in repeating tasks and scheduled templates
  • Improved in-app localization process and automation
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Have any questions? Visit our Help Center or let us know😊

— Team Taskade 🐑