πŸ€– Introducing AI Research Agent, Project Q&A, and Reprompting!

August 29, 2023 4 Min Read

Greetings, Taskaders! 🌟

Say hello to our first AI Agent — The Research Agent, powered by GPT-4 with Web Search, automating repetitive tasks and making your workflow faster and smarter.

But that’s just the beginning! Autonomous AI Agents are coming next.

🔎 AI Research Agent

Tired of manual searches? Just type /research and let our AI agents do the digging for you, pulling together relevant insights and resources from the web. Learn more…

Taskade AI Research Agent in Mind Map View
Taskade AI Research Agent in Mind Map View
Taskade AI Research Agent in List View
Taskade AI Research Agent in List View

💬 AI Project Q&A 

Chat with your projects using an intelligent AI consultant. Get instant, context-aware advice and insights to guide your work. You can also role-play various professions with AI Personas, perfect for practicing your next sales pitch or team presentation. Learn more…

Taskade AI Q&A Chat Consultant
Taskade AI Q&A Chat Consultant

🔄 AI Reprompting

Tired of one-off results? Our new Reprompt feature lets you instantly fine-tune the workflows created by the AI GeneratorLearn more…

Taskade AI Repompting in AI Generator
Taskade AI Repompting in AI Generator

Chain your prompts in a conversational workflow, guiding the AI Assistant until you get the perfect results you desire. Learn more…

Taskade AI Repompting in AI Assistant
Taskade AI Repompting in AI Assistant

Other Improvements

  • New Advanced AI Capabilities: Introduced various AI features including Contextual Project Q&A and AI Project Studio for iOS and Android.
  • New Media Management: Media tab is launching soon in workspaces for easier management of multimedia content in your projects.
  • New: Added new AI Agents with web search capabilities.
  • New: Added support for Reprompting commands and more languages.
  • New: Prompt Library Additions: New AI prompts have been added.
  • New: Enhanced markdown footnotes support for better documentation.
  • New: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now available for improved security.
  • Improved: SAML and SSO permissions, login, and access for enterprise users.
  • Fixed various styling issues in the dark theme, editor, and AI assistant.
  • Fixed issues related to the onboarding process and role selection.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 

Do you have any questions? Visit our Help Center or let us know. 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑

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