🤖 Chat with Your Docs — AI File Chat, AI Project Studio, Media Manager

September 19, 2023 4 Min Read

Hello Taskaders! 🌟

Discover a new way to interact with your files, craft projects with AI on-the-go, and streamline your media management. Enjoy and have fun!

💬 AI File Chat — Talk to Your Docs

Ever wished your file attachments could respond? Now they can! Upload files, ask questions, extract summaries, and uncover insights—all within your project.

From PDFs to CSVs, simply drag-n-drop to upload and Ask AI.  Learn more.

ai project file chat
ai project file chat

✨ AI Project Studio — iOS & Android

Craft new projects and workflows with AI on the go. Select from an expansive range of AI Prompt Templates, now with even more customization. Stay tuned for the launch on web and desktop. Learn more and download our apps. ⚡️

ai project studio
ai project studio

🗂️ Media Manager — Unified File Hub

Introducing a unified way to access, manage, and download all your files. Every file you upload to your projects – be it an image, video, or document – is now easily accessible in your workspace’s Media tab. No more searching for files; everything’s right where you need it.

But it’s more than just file management! Chat directly with your files (PDFs, CSVs), ask questions, extract summaries, and unearth new insights. It’s not just about managing files; it’s about a new way to work!  Learn more.

ai media manager
ai media manager

Other Improvements

  • New: Taskade API V1 in Alpha. Interested in early access? Contact us
  • New: Unlock AI capabilities with ‘Ask AI’ shortcuts in PDF, CSV uploads
  • New: Manage your files efficiently with the new Media tab in workspaces
  • Improved: AI Chat now has enhanced styles for clearer text visibility
  • Improved: UI upgrades for a smoother experience: streamlined board view, optimized mind map, org chart, and mobile web responsiveness
  • Improved: AI Project Chat and enhanced Q&A with new embedding
  • Fixed: No more struggling with Taskade AI visibility in dark mode
  • Fixed: Say goodbye to project date issues and UI lag
  • Fixed: Freshened up with updated tags, workspace icons, and more
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 

Do you have any questions? Visit our Help Center or let us know. 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑

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