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The Top 5 Logseq Alternatives: Find the Outliner App That Fits You

18 Min Read

What is Logseq? Logseq is an open-sourced outliner note-taking application. Tienson Qin founded the app in 2018 with the aim of helping users create a knowledge base filled with interconnected notes. We would classify Logseq as an app that helps you create a second brain. If that is something that you’re looking for, here’s our list of the best second-brain apps in the market today. What’s different for Logseq is…

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🚀 Action View, Timestamps, Mobile Widgets

3 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉 We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new: ⚡️ Customizable Action View The updated Action View allows you to re-order, re-size and hide columns. This is one of many steps toward a more powerful table experience. Learn more. ⚡️ Timestamps for Tasks Timestamps have been added inside the action menus to inform everyone who created, edited and completed a task. Learn more. ⚡️ New Mobile Widgets The…

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14 Best Task Management Software and Tools

39 Min Read

Task management is a skill that can help you to improve your daily productivity. The demands of the modern-day workplace require you to have some sort of system to manage your tasks. Task management software can help you take task management to the next level. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best task management tools out there in the market today. What is Task Management? The process…

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6 Best Trello Alternatives

16 Min Read

Trello wasn’t the first Kanban app, but it was the first to introduce a modern, user-friendly Kanban workflow. And that’s no mean feat. But, as they say, times are changing and there are many innovative Trello alternatives you can use today, most of them completely free. 🥳 In today’s article, we dig into six project management apps (easy, you need just one!) that will help you create a robust Kanban workflow…

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The 11 Best Note-Taking Apps of 2022

35 Min Read

What Are The Benefits of an Online Note-Taking App? There are several benefits of using an online note-taking app to help you take notes digitally. With many features available across different apps, it’s hard to choose the one true app to satisfy your needs. But at the end of the day, the best note-taking app is the one that helps you to take quality notes thus improving your overall productivity. …

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Best Outliner Apps for Writers

22 Min Read

Whether you’re moonlighting on your first novel, turning out haikus for a living, or just need some help with a quarterly report, we have your back. In today’s article, we compare some of the best outliner apps for writers, complete with a breakdown of key features and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 🚀 🤔 Outliner App vs. A Writing App Everybody is a writer these days. We…

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🚀 Add to Calendar, Multi-select Toolbar, /Assign, Template Add-ons

4 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉 We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new: ⚡️ Add to Calendar You can now add tasks with due dates in the global Calendar View. Open your Workspace or Folder, select the calendar icon 🗓 from the navigation menu on the left, and click the day where you want to add your task. Learn more. ⚡️ Multi-select Toolbar Edit Projects faster with the new…

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Zapier Integrations on Taskade: How to Automate Your Workflow

10 Min Read

The day has come. Taskade has partnered with Zapier to give you access to powerful integrations that will boost your productivity. 🚀 You can now automate your workflow by combining Taskade with 5000+ top-notch apps in a few clicks. 🟠 “Ok, but What Is Zapier?” Zapier is the biggest (and arguably the most popular) workflow automation platform in the wild. It enables different apps to “communicate” and exchange data so…

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Outline Method of Note-Taking

16 Min Read

If your notes lack context, detail, or structure, you’re not alone. After hundreds of years of brandishing pens, we’re still hopeless when it comes to taking good notes. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the outline method of note-taking to turn any information into crisp notes you’ll keep for life. Ok, we can’t promise that last part, but it’ll be fun. “But aren’t outlines boring?” We get it….

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What Are Cross-Functional Teams?

11 Min Read

Cross-functional teams are a creative approach when it comes to solving problems in the modern workplace. These teams are usually made up of the best people from different departments who are brought together to share their expertise for more creative solutions. Are cross-functional teams right for your business? Find out more below! What Are Cross-Functional Teams? Cross-functional teams contain groups of people each specializing in different disciplines, but all working…

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How to Create a To-Do List in Excel

13 Min Read

Love it or hate it, Excel is still an impressive piece of code. For over 30 years, spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for all kinds of projects, from not-so-exciting accounting & budgeting to AutoShape art or… flight simulators. But in today’s article, you’ll learn something different. Here’s how to create an Excel to-do list, complete with checkboxes, task sorting, and more. 🤔 What Is a To-Do List in Excel?…

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How to Create a Priority List

8 Min Read

Everyone has a set amount of hours every day, but what makes some of us achieve more than others? Is it just pure intellect, or is there an element of prioritization and organization that comes into play? Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to get you started creating the best priority lists possible. What is a Priority List? A simple way to describe a priority list is a…

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