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🤖 New Multi-Chats, Agent Web Search Tool, Text Field & More!

June 10, 2024 8 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! Exciting updates — our new agent tools are now live for everyone to explore! Multi-Chat Threads for AI Agents You can now initiate multiple conversations with your AI agents, each maintaining its own unique context and memory. This allows you to manage various tasks simultaneously without losing track of any details. Learn more… Web Search Tool for AI Agents Say hello to smarter information retrieval with our improved Web Search…

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🤖 New AI Agent Generator, HubSpot Automation, & Agent Triggers!

May 27, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!  We’ve rolled out some exciting new features that we can’t wait for you to try. Let’s explore how these updates can supercharge your productivity! 🪄 AI Agent Generator — Build Your AI Team Our new AI Agent Generator is here! Just describe your needs for any task, role, or industry, and watch as our generator crafts a custom AI team for you. It’s time to accelerate your projects with your…

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🤖 New Multi-Agents, Tools for Agents, Agent Knowledge Sharing, Number Fields, AI Agent Generator (Beta) & More!

May 13, 2024 9 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!  Exciting news — Multi-AI Agents are now available to everyone in Taskade! 🦾 Launch Your AI Team with Multi-Agents Build your virtual workforce with our new Multi-Agents Sidebar. All your agents, equipped with custom knowledge, commands, and tools, are now accessible all in one place. Learn more… ⚡️ Collaborate Seamlessly with Multi-Agents Execute multiple tasks concurrently with your AI Agents’ custom /commands, now enhanced for both sidebar chats and project editors. Learn more……

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🤖 Introducing Multi-AI Agents Beta, Code Blocks & Custom Fields!

April 29, 2024 9 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! We’re thrilled to introduce Multi-AI Agents, now in open beta at Taskade! Want to deploy one AI agent to conduct research while another converts the insights into actionable tasks? Agents can now perform multiple actions simultaneously — write articles, browse the web, summarize findings, and even edit content — all at the same time! Now, let’s see all the latest enhancements and cool features we’ve rolled out with this update. 💡…

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🤖 New Gantt Chart, Shareable AI Knowledge, & Custom Automations!

April 15, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! We’re excited to announce the arrival of the Gantt Chart view, along with more AI-powered enhancements for your custom agents and automation. Enjoy! 📐 Introducing the Gantt Chart View The new Gantt Chart view is here! Get a clear picture of your project timelines and stay in sync with deadlines. Tracking progress has never been easier. Toggle between multiple views in your project — from Mind Maps and Boards to Tables and…

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🤖 New Table View, Smarter AI Agents, & Task Automations!

March 31, 2024 8 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!  We’re thrilled to announce new Table View, smarter AI agent capabilities, and new task automations. Let’s dive in and take your productivity to the next level! Introducing the New Table View Dive into our vibrant new Table View, featuring fully customizable columns and dropdown menus to set your task Status, Priority, Type, and more. Unleash the full potential of your projects with custom columns and tailor your table to your team’s workflow. Learn more. Train AI Agents with Project…

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🤖 New AI Agent Commands, Knowledge Sources, Project Insights, Automations!

March 15, 2024 9 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! We’re bringing another exciting update to boost your productivity. Discover new ways to interact with your AI Agents and take your projects to the next level! ⌨️ Activate AI Agents With /Slash Commands Use /slash commands in the AI Agent chat to integrate AI-driven analyses, research, and tasks seamlessly into your conversations. Create your own AI prompts for any task! Train them on your knowledge and let AI agents tackle tasks…

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🤖 Gmail Automation, AI Workspace Chat, Screen Capture, New Widgets!

March 2, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders! Have you ever wished for a smarter way to manage your emails and tasks? Experience the magic of Taskade AI and let’s dive into what’s new! Automate Gmail with AI Introducing Gmail Automation! Send and receive emails with Taskade AI and agents. Here’s how you can automate your email workflows: Pair Gmail with other AI Automation tools, triggers, and actions to tailor your workflow precisely to your needs. Learn more… Chat…

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⏰ Schedule Automations, Collaborate with AI Agents, Select AI Language, and More!

February 12, 2024 6 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🚀, We’re thrilled to introduce new ways to supercharge your productivity. From scheduling your automations to deploying enhanced AI Agents, here’s the latest! 🤖 Schedule AI Automations Take control of your workflow with our new automation scheduler. With advanced scheduling options, including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly triggers, you can set up tasks and workflows to run at specific times and intervals. Automate workflows seamlessly with your AI Agents (virtual workforce), connect…

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🤖 Introducing Taskade AI Automation & Agents

January 29, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 🚀, Exciting news – Taskade AI Automation is officially live! 🎉 Get ready to 10x your productivity and be among the first to harness the power of AI agents and automations in your workflows. 🤖 Welcome to Taskade AI Automation Revolutionize your workflows with Custom AI Agents, your virtual team members. Build and train AI agents to answer questions, generate content, streamline processes, and more, integrating seamlessly into any workflows. Learn more. 🤖 Automate with…

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🤖 Bulk AI Agents, Custom Commands, Mobile Access, and More!

January 16, 2024 5 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!  You can now activate your Custom AI Agents across Taskade, from the Multi-Select Toolbar for bulk actions to the individual task Add-Ons, as well as in the iOS & Android App! 🤖 AI Agents in Multi-Select Toolbar The new toolbar allows you to run Custom AI Agent commands across multiple task selections. Explore all the exciting new possibilities! Learn more 🤖 Custom AI Agents in Add-Ons Access your AI Agents in the Add-Ons…

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🤖 AI Automation (Beta) & Custom AI Commands — Welcome to 2024

January 4, 2024 7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders!  Ready to 10x your productivity? Taskade AI Automation has landed in public beta for all our customers, and we’re excited to see you take it for a spin. Learn more. Get early access via our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit posts for an exclusive beta! AI Automation Is Now in Beta! You can now automate your workflows! Connect Taskade AI with a growing list of tools, from Slack and Gmail to Typeform and WordPress, and more. Turn Taskade into your command center to coordinate all…

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