Tags and Templates

March 31, 2019 3 Min Read

You can now create tags and templates for your workspaces!

  • Use tags to organize and prioritize your task lists.
  • Create templates to automate repetitive workflows.
  • Tags and templates are shared with all workspace members.


Add tags to organize and prioritize your task lists in each workspaces.

Taskade Tags Workspace Management
Taskade Tags Project Management Task List
Click on Add Tag in the task list or workspace to select, create and delete tags.
Taskade  Tags Progress Bar Workspace Progression
Click a on a tag to search and filter it in the Workspace. You can also select multiple tags


Create templates to automate tasks and workflows for you and your team.

Create Workflow Templates Taskade Team Workspace
1. Select a Workspace and go to the Templates tab and press New Templates.
Edit Custom Template Taskade Project Task List
2. Start typing to create the template. You are now in Edit Template mode.
Create New Project from Custom Team Templates in Taskade
3. When you or your teammate create a New List, custom templates will now appear.
Select Templates Default Taskade
You can also select from many existing templates when creating a new list on Taskade.