Introducing Subspaces & Team Permissions β€” A new way to collaborate on Taskade

February 17, 2020 3 Min Read

Hey Taskaders 🐑

We started this journey to build the unified workspace for distributed teams, and today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of subspaces and team permissions, a new way to organize and manage your teams on Taskade.

👩‍💻 Subspaces

Create subspaces to organize projects and teams under one unified workspace.

Instantly invite anyone to a subspace via email, @username, or an invite link. Projects and templates inside are shared automatically!

Work faster, smarter, and keep your team in sync with subspaces.

✍️ Team Permissions

With team permissions, you can now limit or expand access for each member at the workspace, subspace, or project level.

  • 👩‍💻 Admin — Can fully configure and edit projects, templates, and manage projects and workspace settings.
  • ✍️ Editor — Can create and edit projects, templates in the workspace. Cannot manage projects or workspace settings.
  • 🤓 Viewer — Can only comment and chat in projects. Cannot create or edit projects, templates in the workspace.

🎒 Templates

We’ve added 100+ new templates. Some new categories include:

We will continue to improve Taskade and send regular updates. If you have any suggestions or feedback, simply hit reply to this email or contact us. 🙂


Team Taskade