11 Best AI Productivity Tools for Teams in 2024

December 16, 2023 19 Min Read

Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a way to do it better with AI — find it.” Okay, he didn’t actually mention AI, but if he could see us now, he probably would. Let’s skip the usual fanfare about progress and dive right into practicality. AI is transforming how teams work and collaborate, so we did the heavy lifting to find the best AI productivity tools for teams you should check in 2024.

But before we get to our top picks, let’s understand the “why” behind them.

🚀 The AI Revolution in Team Productivity

Studies show that AI integration can lead to a significant increase in team efficiency, with automation handling larger chunk of repetitive work every month. No surprises there. By freeing teams from time-consuming tasks, AI empowers individuals to focus on what they do best — innovating and strategizing. But how exactly does that work? 🤔

  • 🤖 Autopilot for Routine Tasks: Imagine your team’s routine tasks on autopilot. AI tools can take over mundane activities like data entry and report generation, just the kind of help your team needs to focus on creative and strategic tasks.
  • 🗓️ Smart Scheduling Made Simple: Coordinating meetings across time zones? AI can act as your team’s assistant, aligning deadlines and meetings to ensure optimal distribution of resources. The less manual, repetitive work the better.
  • 🤹 Effortless Project Management: AI transforms project management by turning a complex web of tasks into a streamlined, automated process. It can track progress, set reminders, and even predict delays based on historical project data.
  • 💭 Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: AI tools can help break down communication barriers through features like real-time translation and sentiment analysis. This leads to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

And now for the fun part. 🥳

✏️ AI Note-Taking and Project Tools for Teams


Taskade is a holistic productivity platform powered by AI. It’s designed for teams and professionals who need an efficient way to manage notes, tasks, and projects. With Taskade, you can take beautiful, hierarchical notes, plan and manage workflows, and keep all kinds of deadlines and commitments in perfect sync.

Taskade is simple and robust. It offers a clutter-free environment that doesn’t get in the way and provides a high-level overview of team activity. Think of it as a digital version of your team’s collective intelligence, a space where great things come to life.

Ok, let’s talk about the AI part of Taskade. 🤖

Taskade AI will make your life much easier in several ways. It can handle the small things like generating documents and prioritizing tasks, or it can automate complex, multi-level workflows. It’s the only tool in the wild that covers ALL team productivity needs.

Taskade AI workflow generator.

⭐ Key Taskade AI Features

  • 🤖 AI Agents for Teams: Automate routine tasks with a team of AI agents. Rrain and deploy custom AI agents, each with a unique personality and skill set.
  • 🪄 Project Planning Made Easy: Simplify project planning with AI. Generate project frameworks and structure your work based on natural-language prompts.
  • ✏️ Handy AI Assistant: Taskade AI lives inside your projects. Use built-in and custom AI commands to organize tasks and improve your writing.
  • 💬 Powerful AI Chat: Ask project-related questions, brainstorm ideas, and find solutions to problems with the AI Chat integrated into the team chat window.
  • 📄 Interactive Media Q&A: Engage in Q&A sessions with AI based on uploaded documents. Summarize files, extract key insights, and more.
  • 🗂️ Hundreds of AI Prompt Templates: Master AI with a wide range of prompt templates. Browse dozens of categories for business and personal use cases.

👍 Ideal Users

Taskade is ideal for teams who need a central hub to collaborate and manage projects in a holistic way. The platform is versatile and compatible with all kinds of organizations and use cases where seamless, distraction-free collaboration is key. user interface. is an AI note-taking platform for teams and individuals. By creating easily searchable meeting notes, projects, and knowledge bases, addresses the core needs of information organization and retrieval, all powered by AI models.

On top of its fundamental features, Mem’s AI-driven system can automatically categorize and organize content. This streamlines the way teams interact with their data, making the retrieval process more intuitive and less time-consuming. The platform can integrate with popular apps and services like Slack, Gmail, and Zoom.

⭐ Key Features

  • Quick capture from a variety of sources
  • Automatic organization and categorization of information
  • AI-powered search for looking up details within notes and projects
  • Conversational interface for finding notes and insights
  • Brainstorming and developing ideas with AI
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Mem is a solid choice for teams that need to manage large volumes of information and collaborate on various projects. It should work well for organizations that want to streamline knowledge management and ensure efficient teamwork.


Notion user interface.

Notion is an AI productivity tool that combines note-taking, task management, databases, and project tracking into a single, integrated workspace. It offers a customizable platform where teams can create and organize content using a flexible block-based system. A solid match for a wide range of applications from note-taking to complex project management.

Notion has recently added several AI features through integration with OpenAI’s language models. The app can generate text, brainstorm ideas, improve writing, translate, summarize documents, and more. These features are especially beneficial for teams seeking to enhance their collaborative efforts and streamline their workflows​​.

⭐ Key Notion Features

  • Real-time collaboration and communication (only comments)
  • Multiple customizable workflows, including databases, tables, and lists
  • A range of customizable templates for different use cases
  • AI Assistant for brainstorming, content generation, and structuring projects
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Notion is a good choice for teams and organizations seeking a versatile, AI-powered tool for enhanced collaboration and productivity. It can handle a variety of tasks and projects, from product development to content creation, offering a comprehensive solution for organizing, tracking, and streamlining team efforts.

🪄 AI Content Creation Tools for Teams


DALL-E 3 user interface.

DALL·E 3 is another generative AI model for image generation developed by OpenAI, this time fully integrated into ChatGPT. DALL·E 3 uses ChatGPT’s conversational interface to generate impressive images from textual descriptions. Its enhanced context understanding allows you to create more detailed and contextually accurate images.

DALL·E 3’s can now generate more nuanced visuals in a variety of styles using natural-language prompts. The integration with ChatGPT allows for more tailored image outputs, and OpenAI’s Custom GPTs bring a hint of collaborative features, although in a still experimental form. A solid complementary tool for a variety of use cases.

⭐ Key DALL·E 3 Features

  • Enhanced image generation capabilities compared to DALL·E 2
  • Native integration with ChatGPT
  • Improved prompt refinement and image adjustments
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

DALL·E 3 is ideal for artists, designers, educators, and marketers who need high-quality, customized visual content. It’s a valuable tool for those looking to complement existing workflows and content strategies with a touch of AI magic.


Midjourney user interface.

Midjourney is another AI-powered image generation model that turns text descriptions into detailed images. Like DALL·E 3, the platform uses machine-learning techniques to interpret and visualize natural-language instructions with impressive creativity and precision. Its versatility and ease of use make it appealing to a broad range of users, from professional artists to hobbyists.

While Midjourney doesn’t offer dedicated collaboration features, it allows teams to set up discord channels for grouping projects, sharing prompts, discussing ideas, and showcasing generated images. This emphasis on community interaction fosters a dynamic and collaborative environment pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art.

⭐ Key Midjourney Features

  • AI-powered image generation and manipulation
  • Creative collaboration and community engagement via Discord
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Midjourney is a powerful tool for artists, designers, and creatives who want to enrich and develop their works using AI-generated elements. It’s also a great match for marketing teams, educators, and content creators who are looking for innovative ways to produce custom, eye-catching graphics and visual materials.


Canva user interface.

Canva is a popular AI graphic design platform that opens the door to the world of design fore those of us without a knack for traditional design skills. It democratizes the design process, offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies tasks such as creating social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content.

Apart from its individual plans, Canva offers a tier for organizations that caters to teams of all sizes. The collaborative version of Canva comes with everything you need to manage your brand, including templates, content management tools, and a range of AI-powered features for creating and manipulating images.

⭐ Key Canva Features

  • Streamlined visual content creation for everyone
  • Custom brand kits for easy access to brand logos, colors, and fonts
  • Collaboration features including comments and sharing
  • Content for scheduling social posts in advance
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Canva for Teams is ideal for businesses and organizations that require efficient, collaborative design and content creation. It is well-suited for marketing teams, creative departments, and any group needing to produce consistent, high-quality visual content.

⏰ AI Time-Tracking Tools for Teams


Timely user interface.

Timely is an AI-powered time-tracking software aimed at simplifying work hours and project management for teams. It automates the tracking process, removing the need for manual entries, timers, or notes. On top of its core functionality, the platform offers AI-driven insights into team productivity and project budgeting.

If you’re a team manager or a business owner, you can use Timely to gain an accurate record of time spent on activities like documents, meetings, emails, and video calls, all while maintaining privacy. A solid match for remote, co-located, and hybrid teams.

⭐ Key Timely Features

  • Automated time-tracking across web and desktop apps
  • Real-time monitoring of budgets, hours, activities, and team progress
  • Simplifying the timesheet process and reducing administrative overhead​​
  • Real-time dashboards, live reports, and planning tools
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Timely is ideal for teams and organizations that require efficient time management and project tracking. The app is a solid choice for consulting firms, creative agencies, and any business where tracking time spent on various tasks is crucial.


Jibble user interface.

Jibble is another AI time-tracking tool on our list that caters to the diverse needs of modern teams. The app offers time-tracking solutions on mobile, web, and desktop platforms, which makes it an excellent choice for teams working in different environments, whether on-site, remotely, or on the move. The software’s key appeal lies in its simplicity and adaptability, accommodating a range of work scenarios.

In addition to its core functionality, Jibble offers features like facial recognition for clock-in and clock-out, and the ability to track specific tasks or projects. Of course, the app also comes with reporting and dashboards for a bird’s-eye view of team productivity. Jibble integrates seamlessly with popular project management and payroll systems.

⭐ Key Jibble Features

  • Task and project tracking on desktop and mobile devices
  • Monitoring and managing employee attendance
  • Detailed reports and analytics on employee time and project progress
  • Integrations with various business tools and platforms for seamless operations
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Jibble targets businesses and organizations of all sizes that need efficient time-tracking and attendance management, particularly those with remote or field-based teams. The software is especially beneficial for project-based companies, service industries, construction firms, and any organization seeking to improve workforce productivity.

🤝 AI Meeting Tools for Teams

Otter user interface.

Otter is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance meeting experiences and productivity for teams. The platform uses natural language processing and machine learning to transcribe, summarize, and analyze meetings in real time. The platform integrates with many popular communication platforms, providing a flexible, customizable, and seamless collaboration experience across different workflows.

Otter’s core features include speaker identification, which can distinguish and label different speakers in a meeting to enhance clarity in transcribed conversations. It also supports easy search within transcriptions that’s perfect for extracting key discussion points quickly. The range of features, combined with its integration capabilities, make Otter a comprehensive AI productivity tool for teams of all sizes.

⭐ Key Otter Features

  • Real-time transcription of meetings
  • Speaker identification to distinguish different voices
  • Customizable summary keywords for efficient review
  • Easy search within transcriptions to locate specific discussions
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users

Otter is a highly effective AI productivity tool tailored for teams and professionals, streamlining meeting and documentation processes. Its user-friendly design and extensive integrations make it accessible to a wide range of professional environments. is an AI-driven note-taking tool engineered to enhance productivity in team meetings by offering comprehensive features for recording, transcribing, and analyzing voice conversations. It supports integration with major video-conferencing platforms, which makes it flexible enough for many existing workflows.

The platform’s AI-powered meeting summaries, smart search capabilities, and custom topic trackers enable users to quickly navigate and extract insights from their meeting transcriptions. This functionality is particularly useful for tracking discussions around specific themes or topics such as action items, pricing, or competitors​​. boasts a high accuracy rate across various industries and accents in over 69 languages.

⭐ Key Features

  • Recording and transcribing meetings
  • Integration with major conferencing platforms
  • AI-powered search with the ability to identify and filter key topics
  • Adding comments, creating soundbites, and sharing meeting notes
  • And more…

👍 Ideal Users will be a good choice for teams and organizations that conduct frequent online meetings and want to improve productivity and collaboration. It is a valuable tool for managers, team leaders, and professionals in sales, recruiting, and other sectors.

👋 Parting Words

Each tool we’ve discussed today offers a unique approach to easing team workload. The AI features integrated into those tools will help you and your team track to-do lists, come up with creative ideas, and generate content for every occasion.

Still looking for the perfect match?

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