πŸš€ Widgets, Zoom, Resize Chat, and more!

September 21, 2021 3 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉

We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new:

⚡️ Widgets for iOS & Android

New widgets are here! Display My Tasks, Recent, Starred Projects on your home screen and explore new workflows. Check it out on iOS & Android!

⚡️ Zoom for Mindmap & Org Chart

Easily zoom in and out on Mindmap and Org Charts to see the whole project.

⚡️ Resize Chat and Video Calls

You can now resize the chat panel to enlarge chat and video calls.

🎉 Other Improvements

  • Export to PDF now includes additional options.
  • Desktop: Improved tab management and UI.
  • Mobile: Offline editing mode improved.
  • Mobile: New tasks and block creation improved.
  • Mobile: Autocomplete #hashtag when editing projects.
  • Mobile: Markdown now supported in chat and comments.
  • Keyboard: Added shortcuts for Zoom In and Out.
  • Keyboard: Added shortcut for More in task.
  • Copy Link added to file attachments.
  • Various performance improvements.
Thanks again for supporting Taskade, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our help center if you need help. We’re here for you! 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑