Taskade AI for Mobile, Generate Action Items, Prioritize Tasks & Summarize Documents

July 10, 2023 6 Min Read

Hi Taskaders,

Experience the magic of Taskade AI right in your pocket! Our latest update enhances the mobile app experience and expands the power of Taskade AI on the web and desktop app with multi-task selection. Dive in and enjoy!

Taskade AI on iOS & Android

Introducing an evolution in mobile productivity! Generate tasks, brainstorm ideas, and chat with AI assistant. Enhance your workflows, anywhere. 🚀  Learn more.

mobile final

Generate Action Items in Bulk with AI

Transform your ideas into action instantly. Convert any notes into a list of actionable tasks. Select your items and let Taskade AI do the rest. Learn more.

web generate tasks

Prioritize Multiple Tasks with AI

Select multiple tasks and let Taskade AI prioritize and rearrange them for peak productivity. Streamline your tasks and focus on what matters. Learn more.

web prioritize
web prioritize

Summarize Large Documents with AI

Convert bulky documents into organized summaries with Taskade AI. You can effortlessly upload .PDF, .DOCX, and .TXT files. Our GPT-4 powered AI importer will then transform them into new projects. Learn more.

web pdf summary
web pdf summary

Move Folders Between Workspaces

We understand the importance of workspace management. That’s why we have made it simpler to move private and team folders between workspaces. Manage your folders and data across workspaces with ease! Learn more.

web move folder

Mark Notifications as Read for Workspaces

Overwhelmed with notifications? Keep your workspaces tidy and organized – simply mark all notifications as read. It’s efficiency at its best!  Learn more.

web markread

Mobile App Updates / Changelog

  • Redesigned Taskade AI toolbar with new look and improved functionalities
  • Expanded Taskade AI menu for a more intuitive user experience
  • Added ‘Copy Task Link’ feature to the toolbar for quick sharing
  • Enhanced the project editor’s performance for iOS and Android
  • @Backlinks support added for project linking and connection
  • Updated the design of #hashtag and @mention menus
  • Improved the due date picker experience
  • Introduced custom recurrence for due dates
  • Added a feedback page for better user communication
  • Refined the look of the comments and added more shortcuts
  • Improved the highlight feature in the editor for better user interaction
  • Adjusted the due date feature to prevent confusion about parsed weekdays
  • Fixed various issues with custom workspace templates and widgets
  • Solved crash issue associated with date attachment and more
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Other Improvements

  • Convert .CSV spreadsheets into new projects with Taskade AI
  • Taskade AI just got a little better at managing large amounts of text. So, your summarization tasks will be more accurate
  • Multi-tasking has never been easier! Taskade AI now includes multiple commands when you’ve selected multiple items for faster workflows
  • We’ve fine-tuned our task management system to make your typing and task handling more efficient
  • Our multi-select AI Assistant now has new ‘brainstorm’ and ‘rewrite’ options
  • We’ve resolved several issues that were affecting the user experience
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Thank you for being part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 

Do you have any questions? Visit our Help Center or let us know. 😊

— Team Taskade 🐑

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