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How to Overcome Poor Communication in a Distributed Team?

13 Min Read

How many times have you sent an email that caused a stir in your distributed team? Maybe you used the wrong emoji, misspelled a word or didn’t articulate your thoughts correctly. 🤷🏻‍♂️ These minor hiccups are some of the reasons people misunderstand each other in written communication. Find your email particularly hilarious? Crafted a witty chat comeback? Think twice before hitting “send” because your co-workers may have a different idea…

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Work From Home: Where Is it Heading?

12 Min Read

The world is changing. While this may sound like a line out of a dystopian novel, the current events have accelerated a number of global transformations that were only simmering a few months ago. The exploding adoption of work from home (WFH) is one of them. 🤖 In this article, we take a closer at the possible impact of COVID-19 situation on the remote work environment. We also analyze some…

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Remote Work 101: Essential Tips for Working From Home

9 Min Read

Considering all the benefits of working from home, it’s no surprise many believe telecommuting is the future of employment. And we don’t need to look into our crystal ball to see that prediction becoming a reality 🔮 A survey by Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics found that 51% of on-site U.S. workers would like to work remotely in the future. Another 30% would consider it as an option (2019)….

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How Remote Work Can Impact Our Fight Against Climate Change 🌳

14 Min Read

The Connection Between Seemingly Unrelated Trends 📌 Remote work and climate change are staple topics for anyone paying attention to the news. Talking heads just love debating how the two are shaping our immediate and more distant future. But did you know that climate change and a preference for working remotely are not just running in parallel tracks? In fact, they can influence each other in a meaningful way. 💡…

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