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10 Best AI Tools For Designers

March 27, 2024 19 Min Read

Every minute, AI generates thousands of design elements worldwide, transforming the creative landscape at an unprecedented pace. Whether we like it or not, AI has become a prevalent force in our daily lives and professions.  So, if you’re pondering which tools can sharpen your design arsenal, look no further. This article explores ten groundbreaking AI tools that significantly impact the design industry.  Benefits of Using AI Tools for Designers Before…

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50 Years of Innovation in Video Game Console Designs

November 2, 2020 43 Min Read

Over the last 50 years, gaming has dropped the “not-too-serious” tag and matured into a booming $159.3 billion industry(1). To celebrate the dawn of the 9th generation of consoles—and satisfy our geek hearts—we take a look back at the history of video game consoles and the evolution of the user experience (UX) we all love them for. 👾 Insert coin to continue… If you want to learn more about the…

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