How to Use the Method of Loci in 2024 – A Mnemonic Device for Memorization

November 7, 2022 11 Min Read

The Method of Loci, also known as the memory palace technique, has been used for thousands of years, with records dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. While modern second brain tools have stolen some of its popularity, the Method of Loci is still one of the most effective mnemonic methods around. Here’s why you need it in your knowledge management system.

What Is the Method of Loci?

The method of loci, also known as the memory palace or mind palace, is an ancient method of memorization that was created by the Greeks. It is a mnemonic memory training method that uses the concept of a memory palace to help users remember with long-term memory.

💡 Fun fact: The name “loci” comes from the Latin word for “places,” as the method involves a visualization of a familiar place, such as a palace or a street, and using spatial memory to place the information to be remembered in different locations within that space.

Contemporary usage of this technique is arguably made famous by Sherlock Holmes. Memorization techniques capitalize on what the human mind is already adept at; linking related pieces of information in the brain.

That said, the loci strategy works by combining visual and spatial memory.

Sound tough? Don’t worry. It’s actually pretty simple.

What this means is that it is a mnemonic device that establishes connections between familiar locations in your mind and information that you want to remember. In theory, the more familiar you are with your loci, the stronger your memory will be.

It requires a little bit of imagination. But, if you can master this memory technique, you’re on your way to becoming a memory athlete.

Who Invented the Method of Loci?

The method of loci is thought to have been invented by the Greek poet Simonides of Ceos. As legend has it, Simonides invented this memory tool at a time of tragedy.

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When the roof of the banquet he attended collapsed, it was said that Simonides was able to identify every single body despite them being deformed beyond recognition.

He did this by creating a mental image of the banquet hall and then remembering where every single guest was seated. This was what the premise of the loci method was; using one’s spatial memory to remember long bits of information

In Simonides’ example, he created a mental image of the place and ran through it in his mind to remember where every single guest was seated prior to the tragedy.

How Does the Method of Loci Work?

The method of loci works best when established using places that you’re familiar with. The more familiar the location is to you, the stronger your memory recall becomes.

Humans store information based on elaborative encoding. This means that our memory works by combining new information with older information that has already been encoded.

When used properly, memory palaces will significantly improve your memory recall.

Here’s how to use the method of loci in 5 simple steps.

How to Use the Method of Loci

Decide on the Layout of Your Memory Palace

Your brain stores information based on what the new information is associated with. In terms of establishing a memory palace, the stronger the association, the stronger your memory recall will be. Pick a very familiar location for the best results.

Your mind palace could also be a recreation of a physical location that you’re familiar with such as your childhood home. Establish what your mind palace looks like, and memorize it.

Establish Objects in Your Memory Palace

Once you know what your memory palace looks like, it’s time to populate it with objects. Start with making a list of some of the items and unique objects you will store in your mind palace.

  • Personal objects: Choose items that are meaningful to you, such as a favorite book, a cherished photograph, or a sentimental piece of jewelry.
  • Historical figures: Select important figures from history that you want to remember, such as presidents, artists, scientists, or philosophers.
  • Famous quotes: Choose quotes that inspire you or that you want to remember, and associate them with a specific location in your memory palace.
  • Facts and figures: If you need to remember statistics or numerical information for your studies, create visual representations of those numbers and place them in your palace.

Mentally place these objects and remember to use items that are not related to each other to avoid confusion. For example, unrelated objects could be a desk, a frying pan, and a cat.

Once you’ve memorized your mind palace, you’re ready to start adding information to it.

Determine Your Route

After you have an idea of the objects that your memory palace has, you’ll need to determine a familiar route for your mental walk. For the method of loci to work, you have to walk your mind palace using a set route and make sure to not deviate from that.

The effectiveness of this method relies on how well you know your mind palace. So, pick a mental route and stick to it.

Adding Information

Now that you’ve memorized your mind palace, you’re ready to add information to it. Start by adding meaning to the objects that you’ve established along your route. For best results, attach information to a stimulating image in your head.

For example, you could attach your key ideas to the golden sheep that you’ve placed at the start of your route in your mind. Use images that are unmissable and hard to forget for the best results.

Repeat this for all the other objects in your mind palace.

Repeat and Memorize Your Mind Palace

The key to improving your memory with the method of loci is repetition. You have to put in the time to create and memorize your mind palace. Keep going on a mental walk around it, and try to remember the key ideas that you’ve attached to the mental images along your route.

Method of Loci Example

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To go a step further, here’s an example of how to use the method of loci.

First, think of a place that you’re familiar with. A good example of this can be your usual route back home from work. Make sure that you choose a route you can easily recall.

Next, create mental images of objects that can be found along that route. For example, you could place the image of a pink spaceship by the bus stop near your house, followed by a statue of a dragon in the middle of the road.

As ridiculous as this mental scenario sounds, it ensures that you’ll remember these objects the next time you take a mental walk around your mind palace. Once you’ve established the objects, attach key points of information to them.

When you do remember them, you’ll find yourself asking why those objects are there; this is when you will recall the piece of information that you’ve attached to the object.

Tips for the Loci method

The method of loci is a powerful memory-training technique, but it’s important to remember that it takes time and practice to master. If you’re new to the technique, it’s best to start small and gradually build up your memory palace over time. After all, the loci method is a memory-training technique and it’s impossible to be as good as memory athletes overnight.

For a start, choose a shorter route for your memory palace and keep it to just one locus. This could be something as simple as a short walk between your room to the kitchen.

Once you’ve become comfortable with the technique and have mastered the basics, you can then start to add more locations and create multiple memory palaces to store information from different categories. Over time, you can continue to build up your memory palaces and improve your memory recall.

Memory champions who have mastered the loci method would probably have memory places the size of a city, but that shouldn’t deter you from learning this useful mnemonic device.

Start small and remember that the method of loci thrives on repetition. The more times you walk through your palace, the more likely your chances are to recollect memorial content from your mind palace.

How Effective is the method of Loci?

If the method of loci worked for Simonides of Ceos and memory champions alike, then surely it must be effective.

In a 2014 study that sought to find out if the method of loci was a useful mnemonic device, 92.9% of participants found that the loci method made them “able to recall facts better”.(1)

What’s more, this technique was used by Greek orators famous for giving long speeches without referring to any notes. Practice the loci method and add it to your daily life to see improvements in your memory recall.

What Are Some Cons of Using the Mind Palace?

The method of loci is a useful technique that can lead to significant improvement in your memory. However, here are some possible difficulties you might come across when learning the loci technique.

  1. It requires time and dedication. You will need to constantly tour your mind palace to memorize it. Without repetition, this method will not work.
  2. This technique can be overwhelming. This is especially if you aim to have a big mind palace to memorize as much information as possible. Psst, why not try building a second brain?
  3. The loci technique is advanced. If you’re a beginner to mnemonic devices, you might struggle with the method of loci. However, this can be avoided if you start with smaller locations first.

👋 Parting Words

The Method of Loci is a useful mnemonic technique that helps you remember long lists of information. Give it a shot and increase your memory recall ability. With sufficient practice, you might even be able to recall abstract information from your mind palace!

Taking a memory journey down spatial environments is cool. But if you’d rather keep your memories in a digital format, here’s a list of the best second-brain apps you can check next.

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