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Knowledge Sharing With Your Remote Team: Build a Smarter Team Today

22 Min Read

The pandemic has not only changed the way we live and work. It’s also given new momentum to upskilling and workplace education in general. To properly address those changes, remote teams need to cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing. In today’s guide, we take a look at the benefits of knowledge sharing. We also break down several methods for implementing in a remote workplace. Here are a handful of questions…

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What Are Cross-Functional Teams?

11 Min Read

Cross-functional teams are a creative approach when it comes to solving problems in the modern workplace. These teams are usually made up of the best people from different departments who are brought together to share their expertise for more creative solutions. Are cross-functional teams right for your business? Find out more below! What Are Cross-Functional Teams? Cross-functional teams contain groups of people each specializing in different disciplines, but all working…

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Best Obsidian Alternatives for Note-Taking and Knowledge Management

34 Min Read

What is Obsidian? Obsidian is a note-taking software that works as a second brain application for knowledge management. Created by Erica Xu and Shida Li during the quarantine period of Covid-19 in 2020, the outliner tool has gained traction with over 50,000 members in their Discord community, all while still remaining as a two-man team. What’s interesting about Obsidian is that both Xu and Li were originally maintaining Dynalist, their…

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21 Best Notion Alternatives for Students, Personal Use, and Team Collaboration

70 Min Read

Notion has been in the market since 2015. In the time that Notion has been around, there have been plenty of reviews about the popular productivity tool.  It’s no surprise that people have been trying to find the best alternative to Notion. Some find it to be a versatile tool to have in their arsenal, while others find that overloading software with features isn’t the best way to go about…

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How to Build The Best Knowledge Management System

22 Min Read

We’ve all been there. You open up the web browser, swing by r/notetaking or r/notebooks, and fall down the rabbit hole of productivity. “I wish my notes looked so neat!” Excited, you order a set of expensive notebooks and an equally expensive pen to match. A week into the note-taking spree, your depressingly empty notebooks are collecting dust. Sounds familiar? Anybody can take notes, but how to take evergreen, context-rich notes…

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How to Ask Better Questions in Asynchronous Remote Team Collaboration

16 Min Read

As Socrates (apparently) once said: “The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” Figuring out how to ask better questions is a major advantage in the increasingly remote, asynchronous world. It’s also a tell-tale sign of good remote leaders who see beyond their competencies and aren’t afraid of childlike curiosity. According to psychologist and the author of Trusting What You’re Told: How Children Learn from Others Paul…

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Best Second Brain Apps For Knowledge Management  (Features & Pricing Compared)

40 Min Read

Looking for the best second brain apps? Well, who doesn’t? We’re knee-deep in the information age, and effective knowledge management is more important than ever. Taking notes on napkins or the back of your hand doesn’t cut it anymore (sorry). That’s why we compiled a list of the best second brain apps to aggregate knowledge in 2023. 🧠 “Wait, Why Would I Need a Second Brain?” A second brain isn’t…

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15 Best Free Project Management Software For Remote Teams (Features & Pricing Reviewed)

35 Min Read

Building remote teams is one of the best ways to drive innovation and collaboration in a modern workplace. The only problem? Many of those aspiring organizations don’t have the right workflows, strategies, and apps to reap the benefits. But don’t worry, we did the heavy lifting for you and compared the best project management tools for hybrid and fully distributed teams. Let’s dive in! 👇 🌟 Productivity Tips For Remote…

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Want the Best Startup Tools for Your Remote Team? Not So Fast!

19 Min Read

What are the best startup tools? Well, the ones that A) work as advertised, and B) your team actually wants to use. Simple enough, except compiling a well-integrated digital toolbox can be tricky. Here’s how to avoid common mistakes when building a dream startup stack. 🚀 Before you launch… We’ve covered a fair bit of startup ground on the blog. Be sure to check other similar articles when you’re done…

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Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) | Organize Your Work and Life

27 Min Read

The history of personal knowledge management (PKM) is a history of curiosity. For thousands of years, people have accumulated knowledge in a desperate attempt to find no-nonsense answers to nagging questions. “What is the universe made of?” “What makes us human?” “What is the meaning of life?” “Isn’t he a little short for a stormtrooper?” Ok. Let’s get serious for a moment.  In today’s article, we take a closer look…

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Taskade Is the Remote OS for Your Distributed Team

31 Min Read

Keeping track of conversations, planning projects, assigning tasks, and managing a team over time zones is tricky. Having to hack multiple tools together doesn’t make it any easier. Now’s the time to make remote collaboration a breeze with a Remote OS. In today’s article, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of Taskade, our Remote Operating System (OS) for distributed teams and organizations. To make navigating the article easier, we divided…

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A Pocket Guide to Remote Team Brainstorming

28 Min Read

Did you know that the term “brainstorming” has bounced around conference rooms since the 1940s? Despite its age, the technique is still a staple in every creative toolbox. Today, we’re taking it to another level with remote brainstorming. In this article, we set out to explore several popular brainstorming techniques. We also show how you can implement them in your distributed organization. 💡 Before you start… This article is part…

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