Transform your Task Lists ⚡️

February 19, 2019 3 Min Read

You can now transform your task lists into multiple views and work the way you want. Taskade is one interface to organize and get things done.

Toggle the list options at the top right corner to give it a try! 🙂

Taskade Views Visualize Data Toggle
Visualize your data with Taskade Views

List View (Default)

This is the default view for all new lists created on Taskade. Make a new list here:

Taskade Task List View

Board View

This view lets you work horizontally like a kanban board. Visualize your workflow and tasks in this full width view.

Taskade Kanban VIew

Action View

Work in table view and stay organized with your task due dates, and more.

Taskade Table Action Sheet View

Tree Flow (Beta) Now Mindmap

This view is in beta, and can be accessed under the three dots more menu.

Taskade Mindmap View Flow Chart

Generating Flowcharts With Taskade

Flowcharts simplify complex processes into easily understandable visual representations, enabling quick identification of inefficiencies and improvements. Using the power of AI, we’ve added a new feature that helps you create flowcharts via text input.

Try our AI Flowchart Generator and text-to-flowchart converter today and improve your workflows using flowcharts.

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