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Multitasking for Remote Cross-Functional Teams

20 Min Read

Do you think you can juggle multiple tasks and not flop any of them? Well, let’s just say that the myth of multitasking was busted a long time ago. But don’t worry, you can still bet on *remote* cross-functional teams that are up for the task (or two). 🏋️ Regardless if you are a freelancer or work as part of a remote team, some tasks and projects are just too…

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How to Write a Memo: Remote Communication 101

29 Min Read

Written communication is going through a renaissance of sorts. With the rise of remote work, the ability to express thoughts in a clear and organized manner is in high demand. But while asynchronous communication these days is mostly about chat, emails and texts, there’s another writing skill you should master—how to write a memo. Memos (memorandums for short) aren’t only a domain of high-profile CEOs. They’re a great, universal tool…

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Onboarding and Mentoring Remote Employees

30 Min Read

Remember the 1992 Glengarry Glen Ross scene where Alec Baldwin’s character schools the sales team on the principles of Always Be Closing (ABC)? That’s some A-level mentoring right there. Wouldn’t it be cool if fully distributed teams could get a *similar* learning experience through remote mentoring sessions? 🤝 What’s Remote Mentoring? 📘 Mentoring: employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act…

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC): How It All Started

20 Min Read

These days, synchronous (real-time) communication is almost too easy. There are dozens of tools that let teams chat, video conference and get work done. Some, like Taskade, combine all that functionality together, in one unified workspace. But back in the early Internet days, there was only one communication king, and its name was Internet Relay Chat (IRC). 👑 For over 30 years (!), the IRC protocol has enabled millions of…

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Diffusing Conflict in Distributed Teams

17 Min Read

Team conflicts happen, whether it’s a simple difference of opinion, misalignment, or a squabble over project details, disagreements happen in all types of organizations. But dealing with team conflicts remotely… that’s a whole new type of challenge. 😱 Discord in a remote workplace is tricky to spot, and a heck of a challenge to deescalate, once it goes past a certain point. After all, remote employees (and managers) can’t just…

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The Sound of Remote Collaboration: Autonomous Squads

32 Min Read

The recent Spotify x Joe Rogan deal made one thing clear: Spotify is going for gold of the podcasting industry. While the company’s chain of acquisitions is part of a well-thought-out business model, the Swedish music streaming service didn’t start as the most orderly bunch. Back in 2012, Spotify sported an experimental and highly volatile organizational approach that came to be known as the “Spotify model.” In today’s article, we’re…

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The Zettelkasten Method for Distributed Teams

27 Min Read

Have you come here looking for knowledge? 🧠 That’s perfect timing as we’re just about to take a closer look at another interesting system for collecting and organizing information. A brainchild of German sociologist Niklas Luhmann, the Zettelkasten method can make you (and your team) smarter, more productive, and effective at work. While the Zettelkasten was originally created to support Luhmann’s scientific research, we decided to look at it from…

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Work From Home: A Pocket-Sized Guide

19 Min Read

As more companies are extending their remote work policies, we thought it might be a good time to revisit the concept of work from home (WFH) and see where it stands today.  While the growing popularity of flexible, off-site work arrangements is a positive thing (even if it’s by necessity), the concept of a fully remote workplace is still intimidating to many. If you’re new to remote work or just…

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Minimalism in a Digital Remote World

23 Min Read

When Thoreau moved into his Walden cabin in 1845, he left most of his possessions behind. Had he lived today, he’d have probably dumped his smartphone and smartwatch too and embraced the way of digital minimalism. What’s digital minimalism? Why is it good for you? Let’s find out! 💡 Defining Digital Minimalism  Did you know that the average smartphone user—wink wink—checks their phone 58 times a day? According to RescueTime’s study, the…

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Synchronous vs Asynchronous Communication for Collaboration, That Is the Question

18 Min Read

What’s the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication? Which is better for your team? There’s no better time to find answers to these questions than during a global work-from-home (WFH) experiment. In this article, we explore the differences between real-time and async comms. Oh, and while we’re at it, we also settle a debate: Which of the two belongs in the workplace of the future? 🤔 Sync vs. Async: What’s…

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How to Overcome Poor Communication in a Distributed Team?

13 Min Read

How many times have you sent an email that caused a stir in your distributed team? Maybe you used the wrong emoji, misspelled a word or didn’t articulate your thoughts correctly. 🤷🏻‍♂️ These minor hiccups are some of the reasons people misunderstand each other in written communication. Find your email particularly hilarious? Crafted a witty chat comeback? Think twice before hitting “send” because your co-workers may have a different idea…

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Remote Scrum Teams: Agile Across Time Zones

20 Min Read

When it comes to project management, there are two questions that continue to occupy the greatest PM minds around: “Is it possible to build a fully remote Scrum team?”, and if so “can it be as effective as its co-located counterparts?” In this article, we attempt to answer these questions and (*spoiler alert*) provide actionable tips that’ll help you and your team rock remote Scrum with class. 🕺 ☝️ A…

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