⚡️ Company/Business Goals Tracker

⚡️ Company/Business Goals Tracker Template

Monitor your business goals and initiatives.

Determine what you want to accomplish in the future and then set tangible goals. Know whether or not you're on track with your business by using this goal tracker! The current task list templates include top metrics like revenue, profit, EPS, customers, market share, entering new foreign markets (with proper justification of course), and more. No matter what metric matters most for your work-be it customer satisfaction numbers or new international markets-this is perfect for fulfilling all your company's needs!

Monitor your business goals and initiatives all in one place with our free task list template! Keep track of metrics like revenue, profit, earnings per share (EPS), customers, and market share, as well as initiatives like entering new foreign markets (with proper justification, of course 😅) and growing your core business.

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started!