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⚡️ Get Things Done Template

The Action and Habit Tracker for your upcoming personal and team tasks.

GTD is a movement, and it's more than just productivity habits. It's more importantly about being present in your life and how having clear goals will allow you to have a fulfilling future. With the Get Things Done workspace template, get started today!

We've made it really easy for you by creating this one-page layout with ease of mind in mind. You'll feel unstoppable once everything is organized efficiently with deadlines on there to make sure that all important tasks are done on time. If you think overview calendars don't work well for you, then get ready because we've got quarterly calendars lined up too!

Even if you're not a productivity geek or whatnot, the name David Allen will likely ring a bell. He is the inventor of the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method and responsible for the organization of many lives since the 1990's.

To get you started with GTD as well, we've created a simple template. Simply copy it into your workspace of choice and get started immediately.

Have fun!