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Tips & tricks to help you build a solid pitch deck! Free Collaborative Startup Team Task List Template.


👩‍🎨 YC’s How to Design a Startup Pitch Deck Checklist Template

Tips & tricks to help you build a solid pitch deck.

Prepare for your startup’s Demo Day by crafting a solid pitch deck! Use this free template, featuring essential tips from Y Combinator, to help build and perfect your pitch 💪

This template contains the following sections:

  1. 💪 Here’s how to make a solid Demo Day slide deck:
  2. 👎 Here’s how to get people to not understand:
  3. 🙅‍♀️ Distractions to Avoid
  4. 📚 Reference / Read More

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started. Best of luck!! 🍀

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