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Use the holiday season to your advantage to plan, organize, and launch your next big project! Free workflow template.


🎅 Christmas Launch List Template

Take advantage of the holiday season to plan, organize, and launch your next big project!

With this Free Template, you can gather your ideas, take notes on what’s most important to you and your business goals in the next year, identify any obstacles that may arise as well as potential steps for overcoming them. All of the resources you need are listed below for easy access. Set a goal date with concrete tasks and deadlines:

Prepare financial projections so that you have an idea of how much money will be needed to meet or beat last year’s revenue/profit margins;

Ensure all necessary legal documents are in place before beginning work on product or service; determine if inventory needs replenishing… there is plenty more! Be sure to copy this template and start designing your plan today!

The holiday season is the jolliest for a lot of us. There are decorations everywhere, people are in a great mood, and everything smells like chocolate! (Did we mention that we love chocolate?!) This is also a great time to launch your next big thing.

What if you could gather your ideas, most important dates, and next action steps to create a plan of action? Guess what, you can! We’ve created this Free Template to help you get started. Simply copy it to your workspace of choice and get movin’ 👟

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