Living According to Success

🕊 Living According to Success Template

Templates to guide you on your way to success.

Templates save us the time in figuring things out for ourselves, which can make finding answers and setting up a path to success much easier. They can make finding answers a much more feasible reality, where we might otherwise have given up out of frustration.

This free task list contains four templates / guides that can help you live according to success ✅

Rearranging your entire life or career according to a template, however, is a drastic decision to make, so do be careful if you plan on doing so, especially when life happens in ways that directly contradict the neat layouts of these diagrams and systems.

The point of having these guides as reference is to give ourselves the freedom of choice: to know and feel when it's best stick to the plan with laser focus, when to change our perspective, and when to go "off-template" and allow ourselves to run unguided.

In other words, these guides are here if you need them, but it's perfectly fine to not stick by their every word. Life changes, and it's best if we're flexible.

Anyway, thanks for coming to Taskade's mini TED talk. Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to get started! 🤠