Growth Hacking Ideas

🚰 Growth Hacking Ideas Template

Create a mindmap with ideas and tasks for growing your project and company.

We share our love of Growth Hacking Ideas with the world through this Mindmap Template. Our canvas is your palette, so take full advantage! View best practices gleaned from our experience working in the Startup scene to brainstorm and create your next big marketing campaign that will see you through today's economic climate.

Sean Ellis defined Growth Hacking as a combination of technology and marketing. It is mostly found in modern Startups, which tend to have a strong need for consistent innovation. Lately, though, Growth Hacking has also made its way into more traditional businesses.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a marketing plan without these hacks—to find new ideas and methods to grow your user base. Categorizing and listing these ideas can be particularly difficult when working with an entire team.

👇🏽That's why we've created this Mindmap Template for you and your new big ideas!👇🏽