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🖲 Indie Game Developer’s Marketing Checklist

Create & execute a structured, coordinated marketing plan for your new video game!

It's an awful feeling to put so much time and effort into developing a video game of which you're super proud, only to watch it be ignored by the general public and drift off into obscurity 😭

Unfortunately, there's more to a successful game than just good content. To differentiate yourself from everyone else, you have to create and execute a structured, coordinate marketing plan for your new video game.

But don't fret! This free growth marketing checklist can help you do just that 🚀

This checklist has five main parts:

  1. 🎮 Must-Haves

  2. 📰 Press Kit

  3. 📨 Contacting the Press via Email

  4. 🤔 Who Should You Contact?

  5. 📮 Alternative Marketing Strategies

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started! You've got this 💪

Credit: Robert DellaFave