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How to Overcome Poor Communication in a Distributed Team?

13 Min Read

How many times have you sent an email that caused a stir in your distributed team? Maybe you used the wrong emoji, misspelled a word or didn’t articulate your thoughts correctly. 🤷🏻‍♂️ These minor hiccups are some of the reasons people misunderstand each other in written communication. Find your email particularly hilarious? Crafted a witty chat comeback? Think twice before hitting “send” because your co-workers may have a different idea…

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Multi-Tabs for Mac & Windows Desktop App

3 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 👋 We’ve got some exciting updates for you today! Scroll down to find out.   ⚡️ Multi-Tab Support for Desktop Ever wanted to open multiple projects and workspaces all at once? We’ve added the ability to open multiple tabs in Mac and Windows! Give our desktop apps a try. ⚡️ iOS & Android App  In case you missed it, our mobile apps now include Recent projects and Activity feed. Easily navigate your projects and keep track of your team’s progress. ⚡️…

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Remote Scrum Teams: Agile Across Time Zones

20 Min Read

When it comes to project management, there are two questions that continue to occupy the greatest PM minds around: “Is it possible to build a fully remote Scrum team?”, and if so “can it be as effective as its co-located counterparts?” In this article, we attempt to answer these questions and (*spoiler alert*) provide actionable tips that’ll help you and your team rock remote Scrum with class. 🕺 ☝️ A…

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Keyboard Shortcuts, Custom Due Dates, One-Click Invite

2 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 👋 With summer right around the corner, we’re back with another exciting update for Taskade. Dive in and let us know what you think! ⚡️ Keyboard Shortcuts We’ve added new keyboard shortcuts to improve your workflow and productivity. From highlighting text to toggling views, you can perform actions quickly and with ease. ⚡️ Custom Due Dates You can now set custom due dates by the minute. Select the exact time to be reminded via email…

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How to Foster Remote Workplace Camaraderie

23 Min Read

Workplace camaraderie among distributed teams… An urban legend? A mythical creature? Building a culture of companionship and solidarity is a dream come true for leaders in distributed organizations. 🔥 Is it *really* possible to instill a spirit of companionship in a fully distributed team?  🤝 Can remote employees form long-distance friendships? 🌍 What should leaders do to encourage social interactions across time zones? In this article, we set out on…

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The Evolution of Video Conferencing

17 Min Read

Video conferencing is a real treat. It brings friends together, helps companies get work done… heck, chances are even your grandparents have learned how to use the computer and host virtual family gatherings! 🎉 With COVID-19 keeping the world on its toes, video communication has become a staple in our personal and business interactions. It’s affordable, universally available and very much in line with social-distancing recommendations. It’s never easy trying…

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Creativity and Originality Fuels Productivity

15 Min Read

🕺 Why Originality Matters There’s a fairly common theory about the spread of new ideas. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The diffusion of innovations theory suggests that groundbreaking ideas, discoveries and movements start with a certain type of person. The innovator. 👩🏻‍🔬 💡 Innovators are the people who blaze the trail, whether that’s something serious like forming the theory of gravity or a silly fashion trend, like wearing a fanny…

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Building a Second Brain For Your Team

19 Min Read

Breaking news, product releases, company updates, galloping deadlines, personal commitments… welcome to the age of information overload. If you wish you had a second brain to cope with all that, we have some good news.  You can actually build one! 🥳 No, we don’t mean another pinkish jelly to play tag with your “biological brain”. We’ll show you how to create a robust, collaborative knowledge-management system that’ll help you and…

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How Minimalist To-Do List Apps Help Distributed Teams Thrive

12 Min Read

Being part of a distributed team is cool—you can work how you want, when you want and (almost) without distractions. But organizing work in a 100% remote setup can be tricky, especially when your team doesn’t share a minimalist to-do list that’d keep everybody on the same page. So, how do you make sure your to-do lists, Kanban boards or product pipelines don’t become convoluted over time? How do you…

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Work From Home: Where Is it Heading?

12 Min Read

The world is changing. While this may sound like a line out of a dystopian novel, the current events have accelerated a number of global transformations that were only simmering a few months ago. The exploding adoption of work from home (WFH) is one of them. 🤖 In this article, we take a closer at the possible impact of COVID-19 situation on the remote work environment. We also analyze some…

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Y Combinator Fieldnotes: How to Grow and Thrive During a Crisis

24 Min Read

Postpone and wait or adapt and move forward? Companies and organizations across the globe have been facing some hard decisions in the last few weeks. COVID-19 took the world by storm, and only a few, including Y Combinator, were prepared to ride the wave of crisis.  Thanks to preparedness and willingness to embrace remote work tools, some businesses were able to quickly move from:  👉 Office work to telecommuting👉 In-person…

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