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A Holistic Approach to Remote Leadership

19 Min Read

Building a frictionless, perfectly-aligned distributed team is every leader’s dream. The good news is you can get pretty darn close to that goal by preaching—and practicing—a holistic approach to remote leadership. In this article, you’ll find answers to the following questions: 🧩 What are the common challenges of remote teams? 👤 How do they affect individual employees? 🧘‍♀️ What’s a holistic approach to remote leadership? 🔧 How do you roll…

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Distraction-Free Writing Starts With Taskade

27 Min Read

Although word-processing has come a long way since WordStar days, many contemporary writers—George R. R. Martin included—still use legacy software for a frictionless, distraction-free writing experience. If you’re looking for a minimalist creative environment but don’t feel like going (way) back in time, we have something just for you. In this mini-guide, we’ll show you how you can use Taskade to conduct research, organize reading notes, outline documents, and—wait for…

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History of Web Browsers: The Evolution of Online Productivity ⚡️

28 Min Read

Do you remember launching your web browser to read this article? If not, don’t worry. The history of web browsers started over thirty years ago and we no longer notice how frictionless the browsing experience is. But have you ever wondered where it all began? In today’s article, we dig deep into the browsing history (put intended) to track down the key milestones in the evolution of modern web browsers:…

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Undo, Redo, Project Changelog

4 Min Read

Exciting news! 🎉 Taskade now supports Undo and Redo! Revert your changes safely while editing a project or collaborating with others on the same page. Undo: Ctrl or ⌘ + Z                Redo: Ctrl or ⌘ + Shift + Z ⚡️ Undo Deleted Tasks You can now have peace of mind when deleting tasks and blocks. ⚡️ Undo Collaboratively Undo changes in real-time while collaborating with others on the same page….

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How to Boost Internal Communication in a Distributed Team

20 Min Read

How often do you touch base with your distributed team? If the answer is “whenever it’s necessary,” then you’re missing out on a number of interesting benefits of organic internal communication. Find out how you can leverage the power of dialogue to make your team more self-sufficient, tight-knit, and productive. Here are some questions we’re biting into in this article: 💬 What is internal communication? 👩‍💻 Does it belong in…

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Seeking Balance and Tranquility: How to Manage and Beat Distractions at Home

20 Min Read

Want to overcome distractions at home once and for all? Well, let’s just say you’re not the first remote worker to ask the question. If you feel you’re deep in the limbo of chronic procrastination, we’ll put you back on track in a jiffy. Work-from-home comes with some cool time-saving superpowers. ⚡️ Not only can you spend less time on prepping your food and work clothes, but you can also…

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The Art of User Interface Design: Gaming and Productivity Tools

26 Min Read

Even if you’re not into gaming, it’s hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship of game developers. Gripping storylines, artisan visuals, cinematic sound effects… But all that would be for naught without a frictionless user interface, something modern productivity tools can learn plenty about. In this article, we dig deep to uncover some of the best UI tricks of video game designers and developers. Oh, and we also answer a few…

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Remote-Friendly vs. Remote-First Culture: On the Crossroads

22 Min Read

Before the pandemic started, remote work was kind of a taboo. Many businesses were skeptical and even the progressive ones kept the majority of their workforce in offices. Now that remote policies are popping up all over, it’s time to pick a side: remote-friendly or remote-first culture? While being a fully distributed team doesn’t give us bragging rights, it certainly does come with a handful of observations. That’s why in…

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Your Remote Team Meetings Can Be Much Better. Here’s How.

23 Min Read

Let’s face it. Remote meetings aren’t exactly thrills and chills. Most of the time, they’re boring, aimless, and a huge time sink. But maybe it’s not the dish but seasoning and we just don’t know how to host a video conference effectively? Well, whether you like it or not, remote meetings are here to stay. Gartner’s recent study found that 82% of business leaders want to stay on the remote…

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Taskade is now free for individuals and teams! 🎉

The world is evolving, and so are we. With the pivot to remote work and the rising demand for an all-in-one collaboration platform, Taskade has become an essential tool for thousands of teams across the globe. Each day, we’ve been helping you and fellow Taskaders get work done remotely, and we love it! Now is the time for us to take the next step in our journey, together. Starting today,…

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A Single Source of Truth: Why Your Remote Team Needs One

25 Min Read

Shuffling papers, peeking into folders, digging through inboxes… Sounds familiar? If your remote team has a knack for disorganization, we have a solution. With a collaborative, single source of truth (SSOT) they won’t miss a thing, ever again. In 2019, Citrix and The Economist ran a collaborative survey “The Experience of Work.” Among the 1,145 business executives, 47% said that ease of access to business information is the key driver…

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Recurring Tasks, Duplicate Nodes, Desktop Widget

2 Min Read

Hi Taskaders 👋 Tired of repeating tasks manually? Then this update is for you! ⚡️ ⚡️ Recurring Tasks You can now set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly to automate your workflow. ⚡️ Duplicate Nodes Simply ⌘ + D (Mac) or CTRL + D (Win) to duplicate a task or note. ⚡️ Desktop Widget Here is a new way to quickly access your projects and workspaces. Click on the Taskade icon in the desktop…

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